CDD is working to ensure
the digital health field
is accountable; privacy
is respected, and that
safeguards are in place for
online health marketing.



CDD closely tracks the Digital
Marketing industry to make
the public, the media, and
policymakers aware of their
activities, in order to protect
your consumer rights and
online privacy.


CDD advocates for fair,
equitable and just media and
public sphere. We need limits
on the use of commercial
consumer data by political
campaigns for voter targeting
and voter suppression.


CDD protects the interests
of young people, and is
committed to ensuring children
and teens are treated fairly
in the commercial online

CDD, EPIC, Coalition of Consumer Groups Urge FTC to Investigate Facebook

In a statement issued today, CDD, EPIC and a coalition of consumer groups have called on the Federal Trade Commission to determine whether Facebook violated a 

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Can Democracy Survive Big Data & Micro-Profiling in Elections? (CPDP 2018 Video)

Today’s political candidates and issue campaigns are fully integrated into the growing Big Data marketing infrastructure, with more and more companies in this sphere accelerating the pace of research...

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Statement of Jeff Chester on plans by FCC to review 3-hour Children’s Educational TV Programming Rule

Broadcasters want to kill one of their only few public interest obligations:  to air at least 3 hours of educational children’s programming a week.

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AT&T, Comcast & Verizon Expand “Big Data” Tracking & Targeting of Consumers

Internet service provider (ISP) giants, which dominant how Americans gain access to broadband Internet, cable TV, streaming video, and other telecommunications services, are aggressively expanding...

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