We are now subjected to a far-ranging system of “commercial surveillance,” where our information is continuously gathered. Data is collected when we go online, use mobile phones, post to social media, and more. CDD plays a unique leadership role holding the digital data industry accountable, as well as helping foster regulatory safeguards.


  • Individual’s Rights in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    By: Katharina Kopp | May 23 2018

    The European Union's updated data protection legislation comes into effect in Europe on May 25, 2018.  It gives individuals new rights to better control their personal information and strengthens some of the rights that already exist.  Enforcement and redress mechanisms have also been strengthened to ensure that these rights are respected.  And – importantly – the definition of personal data is wider in the GDPR than in the current EU legislation, and now includes online identifiers, such as an IP address. Read the summary of the eight rights here.

    The right

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  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - 10 Things You Need To Know

    By: Katharina Kopp | May 22 2018

    The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect May 25, 2018. The Trans Atlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD), of which CDD is a member, published a document detailing 10 things that US citizens and companies need to know about the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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  • Consumer groups in the U.S. and EU urge Facebook to adopt the General Data Protection Regulation as a global baseline standard

    By: Katharina Kopp | Apr 9 2018

    In an open letter to Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckkerberg, members of the Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue urge the company "to confirm your company’s commitment to global compliance with the GDPR".

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  • CDD, EPIC, Coalition of Consumer Groups Urge FTC to Investigate Facebook

    By: Katharina Kopp | Mar 21 2018

    In a statement issued today, CDD, EPIC and a coalition of consumer groups have called on the Federal Trade Commission to determine whether Facebook violated a 2011 Consent Order when it facilitated the transfer of personal data of 50 million Facebook users to the data mining firm Cambridge Analytica.

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  • Can Democracy Survive Big Data & Micro-Profiling in Elections? (CPDP 2018 Video)

    By: Jeff Chester | Feb 8 2018

    Today’s political candidates and issue campaigns are fully integrated into the growing Big Data marketing infrastructure, with more and more companies in this sphere accelerating the pace of research and innovation and promising to transform how political campaigns and elections are conducted. Data management platforms, marketing clouds, and other new data services enable information about one’s finances, health, race, ethnicity, shopping behavior, and geo-location to be combined with political interests, reading habits, and voting records.

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  • The Role of Digital Marketing in Political Campaigns

    By: Jeff Chester | Jan 20 2018

    Computational politics—the application of digital targeted-marketing technologies to election campaigns in the US and elsewhere—are now raising the same concerns for democratic discourse and governance that they have long raised for consumer privacy and welfare in the commercial marketplace. This paper examines the digital strategies and technologies of today’s political operations, explaining how they were employed during the most recent US election cycle, and exploring the implications of their continued use in the civic context.


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  • Big Data, Politics and the 2020 Election

    By: Jeff Chester | Nov 14 2017

    CCTV Center for Media and Democracy presents a public talk and call to action with Jeff Chester, Center for Digital Democracy.

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  • Federal Election Commission (FEC) Must Hold Hearings on Role of Digital Media in Political Campaigns

    By: Katharina Kopp | Nov 9 2017


    The Center for Digital Democracy calls on the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to hold hearings examining the role that the Internet and related digital data applications now play in federal political campaigns. The public needs a better understanding of how contemporary digital practices in the “Big Data” era affect our electoral system. CDD also urges the FEC to begin a rulemaking to revise its regulations concerning disclaimers so the public has appropriate access to information regarding the operations of online ads and related content.  

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  • Political Microtargeting Threatens Privacy, Integrity of Voting Process

    By: Jeff Chester | Nov 3 2017

    Haystaq DNA brings predictive analytics to election races up and down the ballot everywhere from presidential to city council elections. Haystaq provides support to political campaigns in need of using voter file data along with custom turnout scors, candidate support, issue scores and fundraising scores to reach voters most efficiently using a myriad of marketing tactics. 



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  • Google Brings Big Data Personalized Ad Targeting to TV

    By: Jeff Chester | Oct 23 2017

    Google's DoubleClick team October 2017 Opt-Ed piece: 

    I believe that the future of TV is one that’s smarter — that brings together the TV content you love with the seamless experience of digital — on every screen or surface. Building towards that future, at our Partner Leadership Summit in Chicago early this month, we announced several new products and features to DoubleClick for Publishers, made for our TV.

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  • Google Continues Big Data-Driven Tracking and Analyzing of Individuals for Cross-Device Targeting

    By: Jeff Chester | Oct 19 2017

    Mobile has fundamentally changed how we live our lives. With our devices never more than an arm’s length away, people can find, watch or buy anything at anytime.
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  • “Smartwatches” For Parents to Monitor Young Children Actually Pose a Danger to Kids’ Welfare—Report

    By: Jeff Chester | Oct 18 2017



    Groups call for investigation and action by U.S. and EU Regulators, including FTC

    WASHINGTON, DC – October 18, 2017—A number of brands of “smartwatches” intended to help parents monitor and protect young children have major security and privacy flaws which could endanger the children wearing them. A coalition of leading U.S. child advocacy, consumer, and privacy groups sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) today, asking the agency to investigate the threat these watches pose to children.

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  • Digital Data Targeting of Political Ads Require 21st Century Voting Safeguards, inc. for Privacy

    By: Jeff Chester | Oct 16 2017

    'One by AOL: Politics', a full-scale programmatic solution that inspires voters at the "right time", in the "right context" in an increasingly video and mobile-led world. Use of this platform allows political brands to create, execute and optimize on digital buys to reach voters. 

    one by aol 1

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  • Google + Ad Industry Study Shows Influencers on YouTube Sell Snacks, Toys, Alcohol

    By: Jeff Chester | Oct 13 2017

    Sanjay Nazerali, Chief Strategist of Carat, a global media market leader in digital media, writes about how YouTube influencers are rewriting the marketing rulebook.

    Working in strategy at one of the world’s largest media agencies, I’ve witnessed countless pitches about influencer marketing and the growing power of creators.

    With engaged audiences in the millions and passionate fans hungry for content, YouTube creators are already an established channel for brands looking to run ads.

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  • Streaming Radio Service Pandora “listens” to Your Data for Ad Targeting

    By: Jeff Chester | Oct 11 2017

    Leading radio streaming service Pandora partners with Oracle Data Cloud on two important measurement initiatives: a custom offline sales meta-test of consumer packaged goods (CPG) campaigns and automotive Buy Through Rate (BTR) measurement.

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  • Big Data Co’s Track You on All Your Devices, Experiences

    By: Jeff Chester | Oct 4 2017

    Learn more about Krux’s data management platform solution ‘marrying human insight and machine learning’.

    People are unique, from their different characteristics to preferences to behaviors. People engage with brands in infinitely different ways, and they certainly don't fit neatly into standard audience personas. More granular and dynamic audience segments can be discovered and defined through Salesforce DMP machine learning capabilities powered by Einstein. 

    Salesforce DMP Machine-Discovered Segments deliver:

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  • Google + other Digital Ad Companies Use Array of Measurement Tools to Track, Analyze and Target Your Cross Devices and Experiences

    By: Jeff Chester | Oct 2 2017

    Learn more the Audience Center 360, a Google analytic solutions data management platform that helps brands make strong decisions based on a complete understanding of their audience insights, and create relevant and engaging experiences across the entire customer journey.

    audience center 360 image 1

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  • Consorting With the Frenemy: Ad Tech Players Partner For Shared Identity Matching

    By: Jeff Chester | Sep 25 2017

    Seven independent ad tech companies debuted a programmatic consortium on Thursday that pools their supply- and demand-side cookie IDs into one shared identity asset. 

    The consortium is helmed by AppNexus, MediaMath and LiveRamp, which provides the data matching. Other launch partners include Index Exchange, Rocket Fuel, LiveIntent and OpenX.

    And it’s a shot across the bow of Facebook and Google, which suck in a majority of digital ad dollars.

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  • Political Scholars, NGOs Call on Facebook, Digital Industry to Support Rules for Political Campaigns

    By: Jeff Chester | Sep 23 2017

    Released on September 22, 2017 at a political microtargeting conference held in Amsterdam, in response to the recent announcement by Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg on changes to how they conduct political ad campaigns.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

    Dear Mark,

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