Online Ad Lobby vs kids privacy: The Digital Scrooge tries to kill COPPA at the FTC

We can tell you why the lobbyists representing Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo and the other consumer data-stealing giant members of the Interactive Advertising Bureau are afraid that the FTC will update its kids privacy rules on COPPA.  Their desperate cartoon attack using Santa Claus reveals an inability for the online ad industry to take the privacy issues seriously (which is what their actions on Do Not Track also reveal).  It shows the IAB does not have a sense of social responsibility, let alone an ability to be honest about what their members do with their help that expands data collection, promotes surveillance, and manipulates the public.  Its ironic that the IAB is hiding behind such things as "education" when what it's about is collecting all the data to profile, track and target kids for advertising and marketing purposes.  The recent FTC report on mobile apps is an indictment of the industry.  Sadly, the IAB's Santa Claus (is that you Randy in there?), will likely be heading to jail this holiday for their mistreatment of the truth.


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