Hispanics Growing Target of Data-driven services where individuals are bought and sold by advertisers in real-time

So-called programmatic buying is a dressed up term by databrokers and marketers to describe the use of Big Data and NSA-like tracking techniques to identify individuals who are ripe for targeting--whether they are using a PC, mobile device or increasingly TV.  We have raised both the privacy, consumer protection, and ethical concerns inherent in this practice--which increasingly dominates advertising today.  Multicultural consumers are increasingly the specialized focus for these practices, as CDD has previously discussed in reports.  Now "Offering marketers the most sophisticated digital platforms that target and engage the U.S. Hispanic audience online." Batanga Media has its "Batanga Media Exchange, BMX, a U.S. Hispanic-focused programmatic private exchange. BMX identifies and delivers a qualified, automated U.S. Hispanic audience in real-time. Offering the ability to purchase Batanga Media’s premium U.S. Hispanic products and audience, along with inventory from select premium Hispanic content publishing partners on a real-time basis..."

Batanga is providing its "proprietary ethnicity data" to digital marketing measurement leader comScore, which will integrate it into its products for advertisers.

The growth of sophisticated, pervasive and non-transparent data derived targeting of Hispanics and African Americans, among others, requires FTC scrutiny and safeguards. 


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