Google's Expansion of Admeld and Display ads products another illustration of why its privacy plan changed

The folks at Google need to do some soul-searching--and fast.  With the EU and others gathering evidence on the failure of Google to candidly inform users of the real reasons for its new privacy policy, the company really risks suffering from serious reputational harm.  There's no reason why Google can't admit to its users that the name of the game on online data collection is more granular data on each person for ad sales.  That's the fact, and Google's refusal to admit this publicly reveals a surprising lack of corporate leadership.  Is two leaders can do better.

Meanwhile, here are two developments from this week that reflect why the privacy policy needed to be changed.

1.  Integration of Google and Admeld for further real-time data profiling sales.  From a Google blog (excerpt):

Investing in the team:
 We realize that helping our partners succeed requires not just the
right products, but the right people. So we’re investing in the team,
bringing together our sales and services teams from across the
DoubleClick Ad Exchange and Admeld. This enables a continued focus on
high-touch service for Admeld’s publisher partners, and also boosts
Admeld’s presence across the globe.<

Tapping new pools of demand:
 Next quarter, we’ll start offering AdX Connect, a way for Admeld
clients to start getting access to demand from the DoubleClick Ad
Exchange. We’ll also be enhancing the advertiser, buyer, and bid
transparency levels in the exchange, so that they are comparable with
those currently provided to Admeld publishers.

Connecting the dots with DFP: We’re taking two big steps towards tying together Admeld and DoubleClick for Publishers: making it much easier
 for publishers to leverage SSP-style ad network optimization
functionality directly within the DFP platform, and building an API so
that Admeld’s mobile optimization capabilities will be more fluidly
integrated with DFP mobile.

2.  Integration of its search and display ad products.  Also from its blog and see this video.

 Display’s New Home in AdWords
For nine years, AdWords customers have been buying display campaigns through an interface designed for search. This is like trying to run in glass slippers -- it might work, but it’d be a lot more effective with the right running shoes. So we’re giving display its own tab within AdWords. Rolling out over the next few weeks, the new Display Network Tab is an interface built from the ground up to run display campaigns, and will enable you to bid, target and optimize display campaigns all from a single place. Click the image below to see the different Display Network Tab targeting options...These changes are some of our biggest steps to date towards bringing together the science of search advertising with the art of display.


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