Facebook Gets a Privacy Pass from Better Business Bureau--the attack of the invisible "icons." Using a "Grey X" on FB Exchange

The Better Business Bureau is a member of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DMA, IAB, 4As, ANA).  Yet they are responsible somehow for evaluating how companies comply with the icon-based privacy program adopted by the commercial data marketing industry.  We have raised concerns about the efficacy of the icon.  The BBB just approved Facebook's use of the icon for its far-reaching data targeting system known as the Facebook Exchange.  Already barely viewable, the tiny icons are to be used by Facebook via a bizarre approach that makes them even more invisble.  According to the BBB's approval of Facebook's use of the DAA system: "Upon request of a DSP, Facebook has agreed to add the AdChoices Icon to the “About this ad” link available through the drop down menu, which appears when a user clicks on the grey “x." 

The Exchange is one of the most far-reaching data targeting products on FB (see also attached).  There are a wide range of data partners working with Facebook, all of which have access and use a trenendous amount of data.  Facebook's digital Rube Goldberg adoption of the ad industry's flimsy icon scheme for privacy for its far-reaching Exchange data tracking practices should trigger an investigation by the FTC under the 20 year consent decree.

PDF icon FacebookExchange20120913.pdf79.85 KB

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