Direct Marketing Association (DMA): Privacy safeguards threatens "our data–driven way of life"

The Direct Marketing Association has not played a positive role in the debate over privacy.  For example, it (absurdly) has worked to exempt all the forms of data collection marketers do from the proposed Do Not Track safeguard.   As it plans for its big Washington, DC conference, look at how it frames the problem:


Responsible marketers rely on data to create relevant, informed campaigns that turn consumer heads by delivering greater value.

Now, they are at risk of turning the heads of activists and regulators who want to attack our data–driven way of life.

Representative Hank Johnson is saying that app stores "threaten the physical and financial safety of consumers" – and introduced the APPS Act to limit the collection and use of data through apps. The FTC is taking action against a mobile device maker for putting consumer information risk – and will be looking over their shoulder for twenty years. A movement to strengthen tough European data protection laws is gaining steam as regulators join a growing list to endorse unnecessary and onerous privacy laws. The States are getting in on the action too by pursuing bills that set up conflicting standards in Maryland and California for marketing to children, and new regulations limiting online behavioral advertising.

These are just some of the threats that the data-driven CMO faces today.

The question is – WHAT WILL YOU DO ABOUT IT?



Take advantage of this opportunity to talk face–to–face with members of Congress and their staffs about the issues impacting your bottom line and what needs to be done to ensure responsible access to marketing data.

Meet with the Members of Congress making vital decisions about your use of consumer data.

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