DIgital Ad Alliance strong-arm tactics Against Do Not Track, Microsoft, and Privacy Online

Statement of Jeff Chester, CDD Exec Director, in response to the DAA announcement today saying its members will not honor Do Not Track requests from consumers using Microsoft and other browsers designed with privacy by design safeguards:

The DAA is trying to kill off Do Not Track.  Its announcement today to punish Microsoft for putting consumers first is an extreme measure designed to strong-arm companies that care about privacy.  The DAA's campaign to penalize Microsoft is part of a broad-based attack by ad industry lobbyists against Do Not Track, including their attempt to derail the work of the W3C last week in Amsterdam.  

The real goal of the DAA is to protect the ability of its data broker and ad industry members to expand their Big Data collection tactics,  which track us 24/24 and combine reams of online and offline data.   DAA members are engaged in irresponsible behavior that will ultimately alienate consumers and bring further regulatory and congressional scrutiny.  It is time for the FTC to investigate the DAA's self-regulatory icon-based scheme.  Independent researchers have repeatedly demonstrated flaws in the DAA self-regulatory system, which was not subject to independent testing prior to its release to ensure it protected consumers.


Here is an excerpt from the DAA release: 

The DAA does not require companies to honor DNT signals fixed by the browser manufacturers and set by them in browsers. Specifically, it is not a DAA Principle or in any way a requirement under the DAA Program to honor a DNT signal that is automatically set in IE10 or any other browser. The Council of Better Business Bureaus and the Direct Marketing Association will not sanction or penalize companies or otherwise enforce with respect to DNT signals set on IE10 or other browsers.

The US IAB supported the DAA and issued this statement.

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