Defining "transparency" in the App/Lead Generation/ Data Collection economy

We hope mobile and online ad industry leaders will be proactive providing the public, through the Obama Administration privacy initiative, an account of app related data practices.  Here are some excerpts from mobile marketing company Adfonic, which serves the app market.  Take a look at what they do and ask yourself--don't we need to have an informed and honest discussion of the app targeting system and its relationship to mobile marketing?


"Reach over 200 million mobile users globally 10,000 publisher sites & apps 35 billion monthly ad requests

Adfonic’s global display ad network enables you to deliver results across a range of marketing objectives including direct response, consumer engagement and branding...

Generate direct response App install campaigns Lead generation App install and mobile site conversion tracking...Real-time integrated analytics and reporting...Highly sophisticated targeting, campaign management and measurement options...Whether your goal is to drive app downloads, improve your ranking in the App Store or Google Play, or to generate leads on your mobile site, we can help you track and optimise campaign performance in real-time... Drive app installations Increase app downloads Improve app store ranking Track app installations: Integration with third party tracking solutions e.g. Ad-X, HasOffers Support for UDID, OpenUDID, ODIN-1 Generate leads Drive registrations, bookings, sign-ups, etc. on your mobile site Run across any device Track conversions post-click: Proprietary solution Pixel in confirmation page...   Adfonic’s full suite of post-click tracking capabilities provides advertisers with a detailed overview of performance from impression to conversion.... Monitor the number of app downloads that are generated post-click, when a customer first opens your iPhone or Android app Calculate exactly how much each app download is costing with our cost-per-install metric Optimise your cost-per-download with transparent, real-time reports showing the total number of app installations generated per campaign, per creative, per device and per country

To get started choose the ‘App install tracking’ option on the Creatives page when you’re setting up your campaign. You’ll need to either embed a short piece of code within your app, or integrate from your server if you’re already collecting iOS or Android device identifiers from your users.

 Post-click conversion tracking for mobile sites Track predefined actions (conversions) performed by a user once they arrive at your mobile site, e.g. a registration or brochure download View exactly how much you are paying for each registration or download with transparent conversion data from impression to action.

To get started simply select ‘Enable conversion tracking for mobile sites’ on the Bid & Tracking page when you’re setting up your campaign. You’ll need to embed a short piece of code within the mobile destination page to be tracked, or integrate with Adfonic’s server...AD-X is a universal tracking solution provided by an independent third party working across a wide variety of ad networks and agencies globally. AD-X is widely gaining adoption with mobile agencies, digital agencies and direct advertisers. The AD-X solution enables tracking of mobile app installations on the Apple App Store and Android Market from ad placements in both mobile web sites and applications. By enabling tracking across mobile web sites, AD-X opens up app install campaigns to incremental mobile inventory sources...

Adfonic’s iOS and Android SDKs are fully compatible with AdMob Ad Network Mediation.

AdMob Mediation is an ad mediation tool that offers developers another option to maximise their revenue streams from iOS and Android app inventory.

This tool enables you to connect with multiple ad networks through one simple integration. You can control your allocation or choice of network through Admob’s dashboard in real time."

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