TV 2020: Clear Vision of the Future of TV Advertising

By: Staff | Jun 29 2016

From apps to OTT to mobile devices, new advances in technology and content delivery have blurred the delineation between TV and digital video. TV is beginning to embrace and gain access to what has traditionally made digital so powerful – the application of precise data segmenting and measurement. TV buyers can now apply massive data sets to their strategy, understanding much more about a consumer than the traditional “age and gender” demographics.

This webinar will aim to demystify the elusive Programmatic TV landscape while offering modern strategies for planning holistic TV and digital video advertising campaigns. Speakers will discuss the declining silos of ad delivery, measurement and optimization as well as the ROI benefit of leveraging cross-platform marketing initiatives.

IAB and member companies Videology, AT&T AdWorks, and Adobe will explore the following questions and more.

•How do digital strategies translate to TV buys?
•What’s the state of advertising given the rise in streaming platforms?
•Where does OTT video fit in the ‘digital video’ ecosystem?
•And what exactly is programmatic TV and how evolved is it today?

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