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By: Staff | Jul 13 2016
We know if your advertising worked. Do you? 

Both our syndicated and custom solutions provide the most accurate single-source data available. We match viewing data from 2.3 million US households anonymously, at a 1:1 level to purchase data, online behavior, healthcare claims and custom client data.

TiVo Research provides real single-source data you can trust. No modeling. No fusion. No tricks. Just results.

Reporting Capabilities 
Media TRAnalytics produces reports for planning and measurement of programming, sales, and tune-in analysis.
True Target Index Report 
Optimizer Report
Audience Retention Report
Reach and Frequency Report
Second-By-Second Report
Return on Investment Report
Promo Conversion Report
Tune-in Overlap report
Viewer Segmentation Report
Custom Reporting
Custom Research
Digital / Offline Matching
CRM Matching
Syndicated Reporting with Media TRAnalytics
TV CPG Ratings
tivo research 1
TV Health Ratings
tivo research 2
Geolocation / Visitation
tivo research 3
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