Target Activate Audiences via Dish, DirecTV, Comcast and Cablevision Networks

By: Staff | Jul 22 2016

Ensighten Activate Data Distribution with LiveRamp  

Distribute audience segments from Ensighten Activate to 100+ marketing applications and networks
The Problem: Brands are unable to use omni-channel first-party data to improve marketing performance. 

The Solution: Collect omni-channel data in Ensighten Activate and distribute first-party audience segments through LiveRamp to DMPs, DSPs, personalization platforms, and measurement platforms. 


Ensighten Activate collects omni-channel data and allows you to create first-party audience segments. 

Ensighten Activate first-party based audience segments are sent to LiveRamp for distribution. 

LiveRamp delivers your Activate audience segments to the destination platforms of your choice. 


Omni-channel Marketing: reach the same audience with personalized messages across display, search, video, and more.

Cross-Device Marketing: reach the same audience across mobile and desktop devices.

Addressable TV: target Activate audiences via Dish, Directv, Comcast and Cablevision networks.

Look-alike modeling: create a segment in Activate and expand that audience by using a look-alike modeling application.

Measurement: create a segment in Activate and measure how that audience performs compared to other audiences.

“Ensighten played a big part in enabling the Microsoft Store to achieve close to 800 percent online revenue

growth over the last few years by improving customer experience and targeting, and overall marketing agility, I

am very excited about this Ensighten and LiveRamp partnership, which opens the door to leveraging our omni-channel

customer data across all channels and devices." - Bill Bazley, Director of Marketing at Microsoft Store

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For more information, see the attached PDF below. 

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