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By: Staff | Apr 8 2016

Disney/ABC Television Group Success Story

The Verizon Digital Media Services platform — and the products built upon it — support three primary solutions: our Web AccelerationCommerce Acceleration and Video Lifecycle. Each solution is purpose-built to transform your content into world-class experiences.

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Albert Cheng, EVP and Chief Product Officer, Digital Media 

Albert Cheng talks about the evolving TV landscape and how Disney/ABC plans to deliver video in this new world of TV Everywhere. Using Verizon Digital Media Services’ next-generation platform and solutions, Disney/ABC will be better prepared for the new consumer reality when it comes to content consumption.

The Challenge

Traditional TV viewing is evolving as more viewers are choosing to access more media on a multitude of devices. Millennials are cutting the cord and ending their cable subscriptions. They want to watch TV anytime, anywhere. Broadcasters like Disney/ABC have had to develop new methods and adjust their workflows to bring content closer to their viewers. But they can’t do it alone. Traditionally, broadcasters have had to rely on a mix of vendors and technologies to deliver optimal content to the countless number of devices, platforms, screen sizes and software updates available. There’s also video encoding, ad insertion, asset management, internet delivery and skyrocketing costs to consider. Having just one partner who could help simplify content preparation and accelerate online delivery would make online distribution much easier while reducing costs.

Verizon Benefits 

Thanks to Verizon’s evolved platform and Video Lifecycle Solution, broadcasters like Disney/ABC only have to deal with one partner to prepare, deliver and display their content online. Verizon’s encoding technology uses just one format to deliver the perfect TV-like viewing experience to every device and every screen. Closed captioning is inserted seamlessly into one workflow, and live content can be made available for on-demand playback immediately. Even local affiliate stations can stream relevant, local ads instantly, with great sound and picture quality. Verizon makes it easier for broadcasters to stay focused on content, while we take care of delivering the perfect experience.


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