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By: Staff | Mar 25 2016
Real-Time One-to-One, Really

Data-Driven Marketing Decoded: 

As a digital marketer, you know that your customers and prospects are moving targets. People constantly investigate, consider, start and stop transactions; and they change their minds at web velocity across a dizzying array of platforms, channels and devices.

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Unify your data silos

Krux's next-generation Data Management Platform (DMP) helps you zero in on and connect with your customers more efficiently, no matter which channel they are on or which device is in their hands. That’s the premise and power of People Data Activation.

Krux offers true one-to-one marketing with personalization that scales. Our solution interconnects seamlessly with your own data systems and those of your partners, enabling you to activate and control your marketing activities across any consumer touch point. Krux doesn't buy or sell media, and we don't operate a data exchange, so you can rest easy that our business objectives align 100% with yours. No Trojan Horses. No gotchas. No gimmicks.

With Krux, you can:

  • Unlock the value of first-party data (your CRM, website, and other media) for audience segmentation, targeting and analytics.
  • Unify and analyze people data across all devices, systems and channels to create a single view of each customer.
  • Improve engagement (conversions, purchases, brand awareness) by matching people with their devices through multi-channel, global messaging.
  • Expand reach through lookalike modeling to find new prospects who behave like existing customers.
  • Optimize media investment through global frequency management and smarter spend allocation across channels.
  • Optimize media execution through A/B testing and sequential messaging.
  • Measure the ROI and effectiveness of your marketing initiatives using the Nielsen+Krux joint solution for Multi-Touch Attribution.

Now is the time for true data-driven marketing. Reach the right people, with the right message, delivered at the right frequency across all devices, browsers and operating systems. All while speeding your way to market, improving ROI, gaining deeper customer insights and protecting your data.

Activate your people potential with Krux.

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