So-Called “affinity” Marketing is Really Racial and Ethnic Profiling and Targeting Used by Facebook, Google and Many Others

By: Staff | Nov 14 2016

Facebook has developed a solution to reach the US Hispanic Affinity Audience: the most mobile and socially active group in the U.S., in the language of their preference.

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US Hispanic Affinity audiences at a glance

Large Audience

26.7M MAUs (on par with Hispanic TV networks)


25.2M MMAUs
95% access Facebook on mobile and 47% access Facebook exclusively on mobile (150 index vs. all other US audiences)

Highly engaged

22.1M DAU
82.8% return to Facebook daily 
Over index on all key engagement metrics (e.g., comments, messages, likes, etc.) vs. all other US audiences 

US Hispanic Affinity Identification

The US Hispanic cluster is not designed to identify people who are ethnically Hispanic. It is based on actual users who are interested in or will respond well to Hispanic content, based on how they use Facebook and what they share on Facebook.

US Hispanic Affinity targeting options on Facebook

US Hispanic Affinity Segment

  • How to access: Audience > More Demographics > Ethnic Affinity > Hispanic (US-All)


Language-based targeting within US Hispanic Affinity 

  • Bilingual (7M+ MAU)
  • Spanish dominant (10M+ MAU)
  • English dominant (9M+ MAU)
  • How to access: Audience > More Demographics > Ethnic Affinity > Hispanic (US-All) 
Use these segments with other Facebook targeting solutions to further refine your audience
For more information, see the attached PDF.

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