SintecMedia Partners with Visible World to Extend Programmatic TV and Grow OnBoard Platform

By: Staff | Jun 13 2016

New York – May 16, 2016 – SintecMedia today announced that OnBoard, the industry leading programmatic platform, will be fully integrated with HighYield, a programmatic tech ad platform from Visible World, a Comcast Platform Services company. This deal will allow SintecMedia‘s network customers utilizing OnBoard to expand ad sales offerings from traditional, unit-based products into innovative, audience-based products that span TV & digital platforms and enable High Yield customers to benefit from a valuable inventory to be offered via networks using OnBoard.

The combination of  SintecMedia‘s OnBoard  with Visible World‘s HighYield will easily enable OnBoard clients to selectively provide their TV ad inventory to Programmatic TV selling via users of the HighYield platform, including Programmatic TV leader AudienceXpress, as well as established agency media buying systems such as Strata. OnBoard’s efficient, end-to-end trading process integrates internal sales and fulfillment systems with intelligent work-flow automation for coordinating teams, departments and buyers. Together, these platforms will unleash undervalued inventory making them more broadly available for Programmatic TV selling using advanced audience data and allowing buyers and sellers to realize additional incremental value.

“For the first time, our clients have the tools to maximize the promise of Programmatic Ad Sales.  With OnBoard, the entire ad sales ecosystem is connected and communicating to bring new revenue opportunities in an efficient, real-time application, “ said Amotz Yarden, CEO, SintecMedia. ”Bringing together OnBoard with HighYield and Strata is another step in providing our clients with the most complete, robust platform for maximizing their ad sales business.”  The CEO of Visible Word, Seth Haberman, added “By integrating HighYield platform  with SintecMedia, we are making it possible for broadcasters to make it easy to benefit from the growth in demand for Programmatic TV advertising .”



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