Safeguards needed for Big Data targeting in political campaigns

By: Staff | Feb 21 2017
Data-Driven micro targeting shaping how we decide issues and elected officials

Resonate’s HI-RES Intelligence-to-Activation platform enhances your understanding of your audience with unique insights about their motivations, values, media consumption habits and behaviors–to illuminate why they make the decisions they make–or don’t make. Then Resonate puts your message in front of them – wherever they are online.


58% of consumers are more likely to be influenced by their friends and family

47% of consumers are less likely to think immigration strains the US economy

41% of consumers are more likely to believe that the country is on the wrong track

Resonate's solution helps you engage voters based on issue and policy positions, candidate platforms and personal values that impact their voting decisions. Leveraging these motivations – the reasons why people act – yields substantially better results than traditional demographic, behavioral, contextual and voter file targeting methods.

Political and advocacy campaigns no longer need to rely solely on demographic and behavioral targeting to reach the right audience. Resonate layers motivations and values onto traditional audience building. Campaigns engage with audiences based on a combination of over 7,000 attributes.

From education to GOTV, Resonate engages supporters and persuadable voters based on the specific issues that matter to them. They target, deliver, and optimize your ads based on our ground-breaking methodology.

Resonate provides comprehensive measurement and reporting on both traditional web metrics (including click through rates or video completion rates) and effectiveness metrics such as lift in favorability or intent to vote.

Connect with the right audiences during every phase of your campaign

1: Educate: Resonate helps campaigns of all types amplify its presence. From candidate name recognition to ballot initiatives, your message will be seen.

2: Persuade: Only Resonate can help you reach persuadables based on the issues they care about most. Whether you need to get your message in front of people who have not yet formed their opinion or reinforce your stance with supporters, you can be sure your ad dollars are being spent wisely.

3: Mobilize: Ultimately, winning any campaign is decided by the actions of your supporters. From traditional GOTV to signing petitions and attending rallies, Resonate connects you with the audience most likely to act.


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