RealityMine Chosen By Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement to Conduct Youth Total Cross-Media Usage Measurement Project

By: Staff | Nov 30 2015
First Project to Gather Critical Information of Whole Family TV, Internet and Mobile Content Consumption In and Out of Home

NEW YORK – June 16, 2015 – The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) announced today that RealityMine, a leading provider of mobile market research technologies and consumer analytics, has been chosen to undertake the Children and Teens’ Measurement project. The project’s aim is to make possible a thorough and comprehensive view of cross-platform, digital and mobile measurement of content and ads among children and teens aged two to 17.

The initiative, which includes TiVo Research TV viewership data, will be the first to use a router meter for a whole home view of Internet content consumption combined with state of the art passive metering, audio fingerprinting content recognition, and advanced behavioral analytics. 

“With the ability to comprehensively analyze the total media consumption and behavior of kids and teens, our industry will be able to gain unique insights, derived from quantifiable data,  into how all digital devices are being used by the next generation of media users ,” said Jane Clarke, CEO and managing director, Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement.” For the first time we’ll be able to have a look inside the new dynamics of cross-media usage of the entire family within a household, describe the total consumption behaviors of individuals and obtain a view on total viewership across platforms of individual programs.” 

CIMM’s Kids & Teens Measurement Committee issued an RFP for a vendor to provide the solution for improving cross-platform measurement for kids and teens.  CIMM received many responses, with RealityMine in partnership with TiVo Research meeting all the device and demographic measurement criteria as well as being able to do so with privacy and COPPA-compliant methods. 

“The digital landscape is becoming ever more complex to measure as consumers adopt a wider range of screens, and an entire generation emerges as fully-connected content consumers,” said Rolfe Swinton, Chief Research Officer of RealityMine. “The kids and teen segment has so far been unreliably measured and we are excited to be a part of building this framework to understand their digital behaviors and media consumption.” 

“This innovative approach to understanding and capturing how content and media is being consumed today will give our industry much needed insight into behaviors across all screens and platforms,” said Colleen Fahey Rush, EVP, Chief Research Officer, Viacom. “We’re thrilled that CIMM is initiating this important project.” 

“At Turner Broadcasting, we have long stressed the importance of capturing a more complete, accurate picture of how kids and teens are consuming content across our linear, digital and mobile platforms, and this new project will go a long way in finally achieving that goal,” said Jeff Grant, senior vice president of research for Turner Broadcasting’s Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Boomerang, and truTV. “The ability to measure total consumption of content while protecting consumers’ privacy will be a game-changer for the media industry, and we’re proud to play an active role in this process.” 

Marc Normand, vice president of research at Disney Media Sales & Marketing, said “Partnering with CIMM not only enables us to be proactive with kids measurement, but also enables us to go beyond what Nielsen and comScore can currently offer.  Since kids are the future of our business, it’s really important that we account for their cross-platform behavior.  We look forward to seeing results as early as this year.”


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