Precision Market Insights from Verizon

By: Staff | Jul 18 2016

Precision Market Insights from Verizon provides brands and agencies with addressable, cross screen advertising solutions and actionable insights based on consumer behavior in mobile. The Precision solutions use the PrecisionID™, an anonymous unique device identifier, which can be used to reach the right audiences through demographic, interest and geographic targeting. Privacy-safe and accurate, the PrecisionID powers impactful, data-driven marketing at scale, enabling brands to:

1. Accurately reach and engage precise target audiences at scale

2. Eliminate campaign waste and inefficiencies

3. Achieve campaign goals and increase ROI By partnering with LiveRamp, the two companies are leveraging the PrecisionID to give advertisers the ability to run “list-matching” campaigns in mobile, and serve mobile ads to an already built CRM list.


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