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By: Staff | Mar 7 2016

By leveraging the world’s largest location panel, billions of directly measured locations, and patent-pending statistical models, Placed is able to turn complex location data into actionable insights for their clients.

Location Panel

The Placed Panel is the world’s largest opt-in location panel. Panelists opt-in by installing a mobile app that measures location persistently in the background. As a leader in privacy, Placed employs a multi-step, opt-in process for all panelists.

Location Measurement

Placed is the only independent provider of directly-measured location insights, analyzing billions of locations from its opt-in audience. Accurately measuring location is more than just data volume; it requires models, real-world context, and the ability to observe the complete path of consumer activity.

Data Clustering

By measuring location continuously, Placed observes when data signals shift from a single point to a cluster of points; identifying a visit has occurred.

Place Search

Once a visit is identified, Placed searches its database of hundreds of millions of business features to determine the likely place of the visit.


Placed understands that location accuracy is more than a latitude and longitude. Leveraging the intelligence from Data Clustering and Place Search, the Placed Inference Model applies a statistical probability to each and every visit, bringing the highest level of accuracy to consumer location insights. The Placed Inference Model is continuously trained against millions of first-hand, validation points confirmed by panelists in the field.


Using industry best practices and proprietary modeling, Placed applies statistical weighting to its panelists to project visitation behaviors for the entire U.S. population.

Actionable Insights

Placed is the currency for location with solutions to measure the impact of digital and OOH ads on in-store visits, enable behavioral digital and OOH ad targeting, and deliver real-world consumer insights to drive business decisions.

Placed partners with 100+ leading networks and publishers to enable Placed Attribution and Placed Targeting solutions for many of the nation’s top advertisers and agencies.

Their agency partners are as follows:


For the full list of their network partners, demand side platforms, and cross device platforms, visit

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