Partner Studio by AOL Celebrates Its 1-Year Anniversary and Launches Massive Expansion

By: Staff | Jul 11 2016

Mary Gail Pezzimenti, Vice President of Content Creation, AOL 

"I’m excited to announce that we’ve eclipsed our 1-year anniversary of our award-winning Partner Studio by AOL and share with you the momentum we’ve achieved so far and the direction we’re taking the team into for its second year. 

New to Partner Studio? Partner Studio by AOL is a team of strategists, creative executives, producers, editors, writers, and designers that partner with advertisers and help them build an entirely new level of publishing and branded content. 

Because of the success we’ve had so far with Partner Studio, we’re aggressively expanding our operations to nine markets, we’re launching a new social amplification offering and are introducing new Microsoft properties for our distribution platform.

Successful Year Drives New Opportunities for Expansion
Over the course of the past year, we’ve achieved great momentum by helping brands expand the way they drive engagement through creative content and publishing. 

  • Great Brands - To date, we’ve worked with 100 household brands globally ranging from automotive, consumer package goods, to financial services and more. 
  • Great Content at Scale - AOL’s owned and operated properties have a massive reach at 500M unique visitors and we deliver 5000+ pieces of content per day worldwide. This generates rich engagement data and insights on trends that enable us to develop great content, which we distribute at scale for our partners.
  • Industry Recognition - The significant work we’ve been able to achieve through the blending of creative, tech and media has allowed us to garner a number of awards, including awards from the IAB, OMMA, and Digiday.
  • Value of Open - As an industry leader that understands the importance of working and thriving in an open ecosystem, we’re developing partnerships with like-minded visionaries that allow us to provide the right solutions and value to our clients. Recently, we signed a deal with PepsiCo, where we will join forces with their Creator’s League to co-create a slate of content around music, pop culture, and health and wellness for distribution on AOL and Microsoft properties.

International Market and Microsoft Property Expansion 
And there’s more! On the heels of the success Partner Studio has achieved in the US, UK, Canada, and France, AOL is expanding its reach with support in Brazil, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Spain.  We’ve also grown to serve Microsoft properties – including MSN and Xbox – to a global addressable audience of over 500M users. Microsoft’s assets bring new immersive experiential and gaming branded content opportunities for Partner Studio customers.

We Continue To Innovate -- Partner Studio Pronto Launches With Barefoot Wine
We never stop innovating and growing! Our new social-first, event-driven native video solution, Partner Studio Pronto, is helping us build on this mantra. It allows marketers to run campaigns that simultaneously target users on a variety of AOL owned & operated properties and social media channels.  As a result, advertisers will be able to deploy quicker, higher-impact campaigns across various platforms, including HuffPost, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr, in an effort to drive greater engagement around key events or launches.

The first-ever Pronto activation launched last week in partnership with Barefoot Wine. Together Barefoot Wine and AOL, both longtime supporters of the LGBTQ community, launched an original video, “Love For The Ages.” It’s a very timely, heart-warming video, launched in celebration of the anniversary of the day marriage equality was deemed constitutional in the United States


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