Music Streaming Co’s and Big Databrokers Track/Target You

By: Staff | Mar 10 2017

As marketers think about reaching their audiences at the right moment with the right message, music streaming offers a powerful channel to seamlessly activate CRM data and engage customers during high-impact moments. Today at RampUp 2017, Spotify and LiveRamp™, an Acxiom® company, are partnering to enable marketers in the U.S. to activate people-based audiences on Spotify and engage them with the right message across devices.

Each streaming context provides a unique opportunity to deliver a tailored message to the consumer.  Advertisers can now take advantage of their own first-party data to engage their most valuable audiences on Spotify, whether they’re streaming on mobile at the gym, on desktop during their workday, in the car while commuting, or in the home on connected devices such as gaming consoles and smart TVs.

Through this new partnership, brands can build segments from their CRM records and upload them directly into LiveRamp for secure and privacy-compliant delivery to Spotify. Once these audiences are available in Spotify, marketers can reach them across a 100% logged-in user base and unlock insights about their streaming habits and music tastes, ensuring the right message is delivered to known customers and prospects.

Spotify’s partnership with LiveRamp™ is a powerful next step towards building out a people-based suite that makes the most of streaming intelligence for marketers. Spotify also offers a robust suite of first-party audience segments and real-time targeting solutions rooted in streaming insights, alongside a variety of industry-leading third-party data sources for targeting and measurement. As one new capability, Spotify now allows brands to create segments of users who were previously exposed to their messaging on the platform, giving marketers the ability to directly apply previously reached audiences to future campaign planning.


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