Merkle: Get People Based with One Solution

By: Staff | Dec 7 2015
The ONE integrated solution for people-based marketing

MerkleONE is Individual

We apply our proprietary person-based identity-management technology to your customer data, combined with Merkle’s industry-leading third-party data. By assigning a unique identifier to each individual, you’re able to support integrated marketing decisions throughout the customer journey — across platforms and devices, even offline to online. The patterns that emerge inform a connected experience supported by the effective delivery of relevant content in the right context.

MerkleONE is Integrated

Our solutions enable individual-level platform decisions that are informed by data, introducing person-based insights into cookie-based ecosystems. We connect orchestration, insights, activation, and measurement toolsets, drawing on best-of-breed technologies from Google, Adobe, Facebook, Oracle, and more. Plus, MerkleONE’s service layer incorporates unique data-driven processes and artifacts that connect decisions along the marketing process.

MerkleONE is Insightful

Gleaned from our unique and extensive set of data sources, Merkle’s DataSource consumer database offers hundreds of attributes that can be appended to your own customer data, allowing us to extract actionable people-based insights that drive addressable campaigns. Through robust segmentation and targeting, MerkleONE builds and executes dynamic campaigns that maximize ROI. Digital attribution, reporting, and analytics allow us to refine those key insights even further.

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