Introducing Roku Audience Solutions

By: Staff | Apr 25 2016
We believe all TV will be streamed, and with it, TV advertising

The Roku platform now natively integrates advertising capabilities that combine the best of both digital and TV advertising. We call it "Roku Audience Solutions". It enables Roku channel partners to deliver more effective advertising to their audience. And, it creates new opportunities for brands to connect with next-generation TV viewers.

TV, Meet Digital

TV is changing in profound ways. We’re headed for a world in which all TV will be streamed, on-demand, and personalized. With this transition, the “physics” of TV advertising is changing, too. Viewers are migrating out of traditional platforms. 2014 witnessed the first material losses for traditional TV distribution and viewership. People still love TV. They’re just doing it on their own time.

  • 222K cable subscribers lost as of Q3 2014, more than all of 2013
  • Ratings dropped 9% in 2014, compared to 3% in 2013
  • 1 in 3 US adults own a connected TV or streaming device

Viewer growth is in streaming.

Delivery of video ads via free, ad-supported streaming grew 236%, beating tablets for the first time and gaining rapidly on smartphones.

roku 1

We still love the big screen.

Everyone’s watching TV on their smartphones now, right? Wrong. When viewers are home, screen size matters.



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