"Internet of Things" is here now in today's 24/7 Big Data-driven digital marketplace, FTC told. Financial, Health, Racial/Ethnic and Youth Data Need Privacy Protection

By: Jeff Chester | Jun 2 2013

June 1 is the deadline for filing Comments in the FTC Internet of Things inquiry.  Today's contemporary mobile device, geo-location aware, offline/online data, advanced marketing applications like facial recognition, mobile real-time ad exchanges, geo-fences, cross-platform tracking and paradigmatic approaches such as Google's Zero Moment of Truth and shopper marketing based path-to-purchase methodologies make the Internet of Things a consumer and privacy concern today--not in some pending future.  We call on the FTC to address how the Internet of Things is already a reality, and to do a better job on sensitive data--especially involving finances, health, racial/ethnic information and youth.

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