How Hispanic Consumers Engage With YouTube

By: Staff | Nov 16 2016

As the largest minority in the United States, Hispanics are a powerful audience. Traditionally, advertisers have reached these consumers via TV networks: In 2014, 75.9% of advertisers’ budgets went to TV ads, while only 7% was dedicated to digital. But more Hispanics watch YouTube than any cable network in the U.S. And, when they want to watch videos that help them stay connected to their Hispanic culture, they also turn to mobile. Here is new data on this audience’s online video viewing behavior.

Where They Watch

More than any other online platform, mobile is where Hispanics watch and engage with online video. 

59% of Hispanic mobile video viewers turn to their smartphones first to watch video, which is higher than the general population. 

53% of Hispanic smartphone video viewers are more likely to watch ads on their smartphone than the general population. 

What They Watch

When watching video on smartphones, Hispanic video viewers choose content that's culturally relevant. 

Nearly 1 in 2 Hispanic smartphone video viewers look for video content that is relevant to them as Hispanic and are more likely to watch ads on smartphones that contain aspects of Hispanic culture. 

How They Watch 

Most self-identified U.S. Hispanics typically watch YouTube videos in English. Of those who visit the site at least once a month:

60% watch in English always/most of the time. 

28% watch in English and Spanish equally. 

12% watch in Spanish always/most of the time. 

Why They Watch

YouTube is not just a source of entertainment. It also influences their purchase decisions. 

75% go to YouTube first when they want to learn more about the product or service by watching a video. 

Of self-identified Hispanics whose purchases have been influenced by YouTube:

Food & Beverages: 90% agree "YouTube helps me learn about brands and products through cooking videos, videos showing someone using/consuming a product, reviews or ads."

Personal Care: 92% agree "YouTube is one of the best places to find videos from other people like me about the brand/product I am considering."

Automotive: 92% agree "YouTube allows me to quickly access unbiased information about the brand/product I am considering."


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