EPIC & CDD ask Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg to withdraw proposed changes weakening user rights and expanding data collection

By: Jeff Chester | Nov 27 2012

Facebook engaged in a "Thanksgiving surprise" last week, announcing changes to its "Rights and Responsibilities" system of involving users in its decisions on data collection and privacy.  It also announced plans designed to make additional collection of data readily available for them to use, including from so-called affiliates.  Through its Facebook Exchange and other data-enabled marketing services--especially designed to bolster its ability to monetize through mobile devices--the social media behometh is pushing the privacy envelope.  EPIC and CDD's letter asks Mr. Zuckerberg to reverse course.  Stay tuned for further action.

PS:  Take a look at this clip from Citizen Kane, when he signed his "Declaration of Principles."   Remember when you see it that Kane--as he becomes successful as a media mogul--abandons them.

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