Connexity: Connecting brands to audiences

By: Staff | Dec 16 2015
Discover the power of shopping data

You are what you buy—Shopping data is a window into consumers’ lives. Their browsing patterns and purchases reveal their tastes, lifestyle, and aspirations.

We track over 1 billion retail shopping points each month. This data is the foundation of our audience activation platform which enables brands to quickly connect with receptive audiences.

Our unique combination of experience, data, and technology drives results.

With over 15 years of retail experience, advanced data science and technology platforms, we translate our knowledge into effective marketing programs for our partners. 

Our proprietary retail data is the foundation of our campaigns. You’ll reach unique audiences since we don’t syndicate data to exchanges or outside media platforms.

To ensure you effectively and efficiently reach your target audience we’ve developed an integrated platform that incorporates:

  • A Demand Side Platform for media activation
  • Contextual sites for relevancy & impact
  • Proprietary retail data to power it all

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