Connect with an Individual Customer Across All Channels & Devices

By: Staff | Jun 17 2016
Today, most customers move between devices and channels with great fluidity. Customers may research a product on their mobile device, but go and complete a purchase on their desktop computer. According to research from CMO Club, 85% of marketers say their biggest challenge to providing seamless cross-channel marketing is customer data that is unavailable or spread across multiple sources.
The Oracle ID Graph helps marketers connect identities across disparate marketing channels and devices to one customer. Powered by the Oracle Marketing Cloud and Oracle Data Cloud, the Oracle ID Graph seamlessly pulls together the many IDs across marketing channels and devices that comprise a given person, enabling marketers to tie their interactions to an actionable customer profile. This ID enables the marketer to orchestrate a relevant, personalized experience for each individual across marketing channels.
Get better Cross-Channel orchestration.
Marketers have valuable data inside of their CRM, email marketing and marketing automation tools from Oracle’s Cross-Channel Marketing solutions. Through the Oracle ID Graph, customer data residing inside CRM, marketing automation or email systems can be onboarded securely and anonymously into the Oracle Data Management Platform. There, through integrations with media providers, marketers can deliver paid media, search, social and display advertising to those customers that’s more aligned with the emails sent to those customers.
Improve Cross-Channel targeting.
Many customers today prefer to research a potential purchase on one device, but purchase on another. With the Oracle ID Graph, customers are more likely to receive a relevant experiences as they move between these devices and connect with the right product or service. For example, if a customer uses a desktop browser to search for flights to New York, an airline marketer can ensure a relevant ad appears for a flight promotion when that same customer switches to their mobile device. This results in a higher conversion rate and more optimized budgets.
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