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By: Staff | Jun 24 2016

Comcast Spotlight invests millions of dollars in research to help businesses identify and reach audiences based on demographic, psychographic and geographic data. 


Information is vital to the success of any business, and Comcast Spotlight has the resources to help ensure every business has a marketing plan built on a solid foundation that delivers results. From traditional, interactive and on- demand television to digital advertising, we crunch the numbers and provide the insights that set us apart as true partners in local media.

Our tools include subscriptions to research services like Nielsen, Scarborough, comScore and Kantar, all backed by a dedicated team of professionals committed to helping advertisers plan and execute multi-screen marketing plans. We dig deep, conducting detailed research about each client’s unique needs, recommending a custom media mix that maximizes return on investment. 


  • Quantitative data from sources like Nielsen, comScore and Kantar provide a precise analysis of media use (television viewing, online activity and more).

  • Qualitative data from sources like MRI, Simmons, Scarborough and Blue and provide detailed aggregate information about consumers, geographies and social media activity.

  • Provides strategic and tactical insights into the media and marketing planning process.

  • Identies general demographic, psychographic and geographic makeup of ideal audiences.

  • Offers insights down to the ZIP code level to identify highest potential opportunities for advertisers. 

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