Comcast Spotlight: Multi-Screen Advertising

By: Staff | Apr 4 2016

Today’s consumers live in digital homes, using Comcast’s technology to watch video on more screens all around the house—and on the go. Comcast Spotlight’s multi-screen advertising solutions combine the strengths of each screen customers use. Our expertise in reaching fragmented audiences lets us create custom campaigns with broader reach, more impressions and deeper engagement. 

Television Advertising

With more than 50 networks appealing to distinct demographic, psychographic and geographic audiences, cable television is unmatched in its ability to offer both broad and targeted reach.

On-demand advertising extends television campaigns and engages viewers by showcasing additional video about advertisers’ products and services.

Digital Advertising

Through high-visibility placements on popular websites like, marketers can align their advertising by bringing their TV commercials online, enhancing them with interactive features and links for unsurpassed effectiveness and efficiency. 


Leverages growing consumer “media multitasking” behavior: using multiple devices simultaneously.

Advertising can be segmented by demographic, psychographic and geographic criteria, across full markets or at the neighborhood level.


Maximizes reach by targeting audiences using multiple devices for unduplicated local reach.

Allows for deeper engagement with advertisers’ target audiences. 


See Comcast media kit, attached. 

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