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By: Staff | Apr 29 2016
Driving results in a defined territory required an aggressive mix of digital solutions. Learn how Tealium iQ made the difference.

Charter Communications’ business objectives are like many Fortune 500 companies: create innovative products and services, delight customers, and drive faster growth. The difference is that while many companies operate in a national or even international market, Charter operates in a defined territory that includes 12 million homes in 29 states. Within that specific market, Charter masterfully drives customer acquisition and product penetration, and is now one of the largest cable operators in the U.S. Charter currently has six million customers and, in its most recent year, grew by 8.7 percent to achieve $8.4B in annual revenue.

High-quality service and product innovation, combined with data-driven marketing, accounts for much of that success. Matt Reeves, senior manager of digital marketing at Charter, explains the increasing role his unit plays: “From 2011 to 2014, e-commerce grew from 16 percent to 25 percent of company sales. Digital marketing gives us tremendous agility and speed in reaching our audience. To take full advantage of that velocity, we rely on the Tealium iQ tag management system for the fastest deployment of third-party marketing and analytics tags. Tealium allows us to be more creative in designing, implementing and targeting campaigns, and also gives us the ability to quantify results in real time.”

Too Many Vendor Tags, Not Enough Resources

Earlier in 2014, Charter began a rollout of 60 Mbps Internet speed with expectations for an all-digital upgrade across its 29-state territory by year’s end. The challenge for the company’s digital marketing team was building customer awareness about new game-changing services and informing customers of the advantages Charter presents over the competition. “Our primary focus is acquiring new customers,” Reeves says. “We consider every single home a potential customer, and we rely heavily on search engine marketing and display advertising to build awareness within those targets.”

Reeves says that, in the past, deploying tags for new online marketing or analytics solutions required hard coding pixels. It needed a significant level of effort from IT and third-party development resources. Digital marketing needed a solution that would allow the team to be more self-sufficient, deploy tags faster, and ensure scalability to support the increasing number of Charter’s digital marketing initiatives.

Tealium Omnichannel Marketing

Tealium enables you to leverage the power of your first-party data and create more compelling, relevant omnichannel marketing experiences. With Tealium AudienceStream, the leading omnichannel customer segmentation and action engine, robust profile enrichment capabilities are combined with the ability to take real-time, relevant action.

  • Real-Time Profile Enrichment: 
Tealium’s omnichannel enrichment technology marries your existing AudienceStream visitor profile data with your visitor data from other customer data sources in real time – continually enriching your visitor-based segments and triggering new marketing actions.
  • Integration Ecosystem: 
Tealium’s integration ecosystem is made up of deep, native integrations with leading email, marketing automation, online advertising, social, and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, enabling real-time action within the marketing technologies you already use.
  • Visitor Stitching: 
Typical analytics data often shows cross-device visitor interaction as coming from multiple people across multiple sessions, but in reality, it is likely that those visits are from just one visitor using different devices. Tealium’s unique visitor stitching technology can track visitor IDs across device use with any number of unique identifiers, and when a known ID is matched, visitors and behaviors are automatically stitched together. Not only will Tealium AudienceStream proactively seek matching identifiers across all known visitor profiles, it will combine them in real time and make the updated profile immediately available for action.
  • Offline Data Ingestion: 
Tealium allows you to onboard offline data, such as call center and point of sale information, and combine with your online data to provide a consistent, connected experience regardless of where your visitors are engaging with you. AudienceStream can automatically ingest visitor data collected off-site or offline and map that data to your existing visitor profiles, transferring channel-specific data on a periodic basis to streamline a once manual and tedious process of bringing together cross-channel data.


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