CDD Opposes Facebook Sponsored Stories deal for class action: Proposed Class Action Settlement Fails to Protect Facebook Users from Comprehensive Marketing/Data System

By: Jeff Chester | Jul 12 2012

When CDD reviewed the proposed Facebook Sponsored Stories settlement it was clear it failed to address how marketing and targeting on the social network really works.  It also didn't do anything to ensure that parents and teens have the control they require over the Sponsored Story process and its inter-related series of premium ad products.  Clearly, Facebook users require a settlement that protects their privacy and rights. As Sponsored Stories is deployed on the mobile platform, and Facebook users confront new privacy threats from the Facebook Exchange ad targeting service, as well as new measurement capabilities, policies need to be enacted to protect users (especially adolescents and other youth).  We revised our letter of objection, now that a new Judge has been assigned to the case.

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