Audience Express Case Study

By: Staff | Mar 23 2016

The Challenge: Finding Low Income Renters on TV

A national company specializing in personal loans approached AudienceXpress seeking a television buy for the first time.

In coming to AudienceXpress, the Client hoped to reach low income households with a low budget and the cheapest possible CPM. 

Our Solution: Optimization Using Nielsen MarketBreaks

The AudienceXpress platform licenses Nielsen MarketBreaks segments, to target audiences by household income, presence and age of children, home ownership status, pet ownership, and ethnicity.

The Client may target their campaign by selecting up to three MarketBreaks segments. 

Plan of Action:

Based on Nielsen MarketBreaks segments, AudienceXpress built a plan for the Client targeting networks and dayparts that skewed towards lower income viewers.

After the first successful week, AudienceXpress and the Client optimized the next week’s buy:

  • Household income <$40,000

  • Renting a home

  • An optimal CPM

AudienceXpress continued to re-optimize the Client’s plan week to week, adding networks and dayparts as appropriate.

Results: Although their media CPM increased, the Client tripled the reach of their original buy to their target audience, and have continued to optimize their television buys on a weekly basis. 


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