AT&T teams up with Dish to bring Big Data Election Targeting, Raising Competition & Privacy Concerns

By: Staff | Nov 2 2016

D2 Media Sales is a joint venture between DIRECTV and DISH, and was founded in 2014 to create a scalable household addressable TV platform for political advertisers. Addressable TV advertising enables us to deliver a TV ad, in a privacy compliant manner, to the individual households of a select demographic or voter segment. We ensure the ad is seen regardless of programming or time of day, both in live or playback modes, by your exact target audience.

Since 2014, the D2 Media Sales Platform has delivered hundreds of political television campaigns for both candidates and causes. Each addressable TV campaign is fueled by demographic and voter file data from leading partners, enabling us to deliver precise campaigns that reach more than 20 million households at the state, or national levels.

Addressable Advertising Benefits

  • Offers precise demographic or voter attribute targeting at the household level, with scale and flexibility
  • Guarantees 100% of impressions reach the intended target, thus reducing waste
  • Guarantees all impressions are served within state boundaries
  • Impressions are only counted when the ad is viewed 
  • Optimized impression delivery, frequency and pacing 
  • Unparalleled post-delivery reporting: 

Addressable technology revolutionizes the way candidates and initiatives advertise. The ad finds the audience accurately vs. hoping that the right audience sees the ad where it was placed.

How Addressable Television Works

The set top box receivers in DIRECTV and DISH subscriber homes are like mini-computers. Demographic and voter file attributes specific to that subscriber are loaded on the box. Once an advertiser selects a target audience, we are then able to deliver a specific television commercial to that household during a commercial break when they are watching TV. The reporting that we are able to provide on the back end is more complete than anything ever seen in TV post campaign reporting.


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