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By: Staff | Jun 10 2016
How to optimize results on this groundbreaking platform

Addressable TV was launched in 2012 by DIRECTV. Multi Video Program Distributors (MVPDs), such as DIRECTV, are currently the only entities offering true Addressable TV due to required access of both the video distribution system and data center. MVPDs offer Addressable TV in the ad breaks they receive from program networks, such as ESPN and CNN, as part of their carriage agreements. Currently, four MVPDs (DIRECTV, DISH, Comcast, and Cablevision) offer Addressable TV and that footprint is set to grow to 40 million households by end of year1.

With AT&T’s acquisition of DIRECTV in 2015, AT&T AdWorks now has the largest national addressable platform, offering Addressable TV advertising across nearly 13 million DIRECTV households out of the 26 million combined DIRECTV and U-verse TV households.

In a recent study conducted by Adweek and AT&T AdWorks, a survey of leading marketers indicated that current TV buying (without addressability) isn’t meeting marketing needs and there is both frustration and
a desire to reach relevant audiences more effectively. Nearly all respondents agree that there is too much waste associated with TV and that traditional methods of measurement are outdated. As a result, over 80% are shifting TV dollars into digital for greater accountability and effectiveness. However, nearly all agree that TV would be more attractive if they “could target more finely.” 

As the leader in Addressable TV, AT&T AdWorks has run hundreds of campaigns across a wide array of advertisers and verticals. The purpose of this white paper is to share the learnings from those experiences to inform future campaigns and advertisers – and to demonstrate that TV still remains the most impactful advertising medium made even more effective by addressability. 


For more information, see the AT&T White Paper PDF. 

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