AT&T Data Patterns Gives Advertisers New Insights on Out-of-Home Media

By: Staff | May 6 2016
Clear Channel Outdoor Americas will be first to offer advertisers access to improved audience location analysis

A new service from AT&T will allow outdoor advertisers to better understand audience demographics passing nearby. The anonymous and aggregated group insights will help advertisers to better plan their campaigns and place ads that are more relevant to the audiences that see them.

Clear Channel Outdoor Americas, one of the world’s largest outdoor advertising companies, will be the first to offer the benefit of AT&T Data Patterns – Out of Home Media to its clients.  Advertisers can learn the number of people who pass by an advertisement location and also learn statistics about the anonymous group, such as age and income ranges, genders, ethnicity and household size.

Currently, outdoor ad impressions are most often measured through traffic and pedestrian counts and U.S. Census data. This method is proven, but time-consuming.

“Advertisers have long wanted up-to-date, dynamic data for outdoor media, so they can plan and measure outdoor campaigns like they do with other types of advertising,” said Sarita Rao, vice president of AT&T Data Patterns.

Clear Channel Outdoor Americas also announced its intent to use AT&T Data Patterns in its public service advertising programs for non-profit and government organizations. Reaching the right audiences at the right time can be critical to improving public health and safety.

“This technology brings digital-quality metrics to our physical inventory,” said Scott Wells, CEO of Clear Channel Outdoor Americas. “With this sophisticated analysis, it is now possible for advertisers to plan OOH campaigns with the same kind of precision they’re used to in digital and TV campaigns.” 

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