AT&T AdWorks Announces Results of Cross-screen Addressable Advertising Trials with Advertisers

By: Staff | Jun 3 2016
AT&T AdWorks and Opera Mediaworks Connected Walmart, AT&T and Other Advertising Trial Participants With their Target Consumers Across TV and Mobile

The results are in. AT&T1 AdWorks, the nationwide leader in addressable TV advertising, conducted a series of cross-screen addressable2 TV and mobile advertising trials with multiple Fortune 100 companies including Walmart and AT&T.

We conducted the trials in collaboration with Opera Mediaworks, one of the world's largest mobile advertising and marketing platforms, so advertisers could reach their target audiences across TV and mobile devices. Advertisers were able to measure results on a variety of key performance indicators from brand/message favorability to sales.

"These results show the immense value of cross-screen addressable advertising. They also display our innovative audience targeting and measurement capabilities across screens," said Rick Welday, president, AT&T AdWorks. "We can deliver ads to a brand's target audience. And we can measure how addressable advertising performs across platforms. This is a huge opportunity for brands."

AT&T Mobility

We tested the impact of cross-screen addressable advertising on our own products and services. We served addressable ads for AT&T's mobility service and measured the effect addressable advertising had on bringing in new customers. We delivered these ads to a subset of DIRECTVcustomers who did not have an AT&T mobility service registered at the same address.

Our addressable TV advertising results showed a 19% lift in sales. There was an additional lift in sales to nearly 27% when a consumer received the same addressable ad on both their TV and mobile devices.3


The cross-screen addressable advertising trial for Walmart targeted a custom audience, and held out a control group. When comparing treatment and control groups, the cross-screen addressable campaign showed a statistically significant lift in both brand and message favorability. 

Luxury Automotive Manufacturer 

The luxury auto campaign focused on driving sales for a specific high-end model. We targeted households anonymously identified as in the market for a luxury car. Through the trial we saw an 87% lift in sales for the luxury model among households that saw the addressable ad on both TV and mobile.4

Cross-screen addressable advertising is changing the way advertisers connect with audiences. AT&T AdWorks can help advertisers reach the right consumer with the right message. And advertisers can reach consumers on the right device when they are most interested in engaging with the brand.


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