As AI & Cognitive Computing Fuels Digital Marketing via Influencers, New Risk to Consumer Privacy

By: Staff | Nov 4 2016

Driving deeper connections with key audiences is the holy grail of marketing. With the boom of social media, this task has become even more complex for marketers striving to make sense of tweets, snaps, stories and likes. Today, Influential, a Data First influencer marketing platform and IBM Watson developer partner, has announced a partnership with Condé Nast to implement its Watson-enabled platform. Condé Nast will use the platform to help advertiser clients improve how they connect with audiences over social media and gain measurable insights into how their campaigns resonate.

By tapping into IBM Watson, Influential is enabling Condé Nast to offer a more targeted influencer marketing platform to its advertiser clients. Influential's platform uses IBM's Personality Insights service to analyze unstructured data from an influencer's social media feed and identify key characteristics that resonate with a target demographic -- for example, a beauty brand might focus on self-enhancement, imagination and trust. This analysis helps advertisers strengthen their ability to identify the right influencers by homing in on previously hard-to-measure metrics –like how they are perceived by their followers, and how well their specific personality fits the personality of the brand. 

Influential's social influencers will amplify brand campaigns through the digital platforms of each publication and provide real-time reporting and insights for their advertiser clients. Along with Influential's third party demographics data partners, who help to measure a variety of different social media metrics, the platform delivers a robust and data-driven influencer identification system, driving more customized and precise campaigns for marketers and their clients. Top titles at Condé Nast that are using Influential's platform include Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour and GQ.

"Partnering with Influential to leverage Watson's cognitive capabilities to identify the right influencers and activate them on the right campaigns gives our clients an advantage and increases our performance, which is paramount in today's distributed content world," said Matt Starker, general manager, digital strategy and initiatives at Condé Nast. "We engage our audiences in innovative ways, across all platforms, and this partnership is another step in that innovation."

"We are beyond excited to be collaborating with Condé Nast as their preferred influencer marketing partner," said Ryan Detert, CEO of Influential. "They have the most sought-after and innovative portfolio of brands, and we believe that the addition of our technology platform, fueled by IBM Watson and our influencer network, will significantly bolster Condé Nast's influencer marketing efforts."

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