• Enough Already! Protect Yourself from Online Political Manipulation and False News in Election 2018

    Sep 9 2018

    Online political misinformation and false news have already resurfaced in the 2018 midterm elections. CDD has produced a short e-guide to help voters understand how online media platforms can be hijacked to fan political polarization and social conflict. Enough Already!

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  • The Role of Digital Marketing in Political Campaigns

    By: Jeff Chester | Jan 20 2018

    Computational politics—the application of digital targeted-marketing technologies to election campaigns in the US and elsewhere—are now raising the same concerns for democratic discourse and governance that they have long raised for consumer privacy and welfare in the commercial marketplace. This paper examines the digital strategies and technologies of today’s political operations, explaining how they were employed during the most recent US election cycle, and exploring the implications of their continued use in the civic context.


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  • New Report: Health Wearable Devices Pose New Consumer and Privacy Risks

    By: Jeff Chester | Aug 29 2017

    Personal health wearable devices that consumers are using to monitor their heart rates, sleep patterns, calories, and even stress levels raise new privacy and security risks, according to a report released today by researchers at American University and the Center for Digital Democracy.

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  • Digital Food Marketing to Children and Adolescents: Problematic Practices and Policy Interventions

    By: Staff | Jan 18 2017

    This report examines trends in digital marketing to youth that uses "immersive" techniques, social media, behavioral profiling, location targeting and mobile marketing, and neuroscience methods. Recommends principles for regulating inappropriate advertising to youth.

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