Candy Crush IPO: " We collect and store significant amounts of information about our players... PII and Non-PII"

The IPO SEC filings help provide a roadmap for privacy and consumer advocates, as well as regulators.  Read some of the telling practices found in the new IPO filed by the creators of Candy Crush and other games.  Excerpt:

"We collect and store significant amounts of information about our players—both personally identifying and non-personally identifying information...

Sophisticated targeting has transformed player acquisition. The virality induced by social features has greatly boosted the potential returns on marketing investment. Furthermore, data analytics and the emergence of sophisticated ad targeting on digital platforms now allow highly granular campaign management. This provides the opportunity for increased overall efficiency and allows marketing to specific segments of the audience based on predicted ROI. These developments enable a rigorous approach to marketing investment sustained over the life of a game which greatly differs from the traditional burst marketing launch model....Inherently social. Our games provide social interactions that enhance the player experience: social connectivity is built around sharing achievements and helping each other to progress. The progression funnel is not narrowed through artificial blockers to force excessive social outreach or pay for progress. We believe this drives game longevity and audience loyalty...

We have built extensive proprietary capabilities and technology infrastructure, which allow us to run acquisition campaigns in a highly granular and data-driven way. At any given time, we operate thousands of campaigns targeting hundreds of discrete audience clusters through a mix of channels and formats across multiple platforms, all subject to the same target return parameters. We monitor the results and systematically refresh our digital campaigns. We allocate all spend to maximize aggregate ROI regardless of content, channel or advertising format. We believe these capabilities and processes are distinctive and differentiate us from our competitors...

Access to content. To unlock new episodes, players have several options: perform a series of quests, request help through social channels, SMS text message or purchase access...

The rise of connected platforms and free-to-play models has given developers the ability to manage a game over its lifecycle following its initial launch in a “game as a service” model. Developers can add and modify content and features to optimize and enhance the game experience. These developments have transformed game longevity and economics and successful games now require a continuous stream of content and feature releases to engage and retain the audience."


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