• EU Parliament President on Technological Totalitarianism, Politics and Democracy

    By: Staff | Jan 29 2016

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we are living in the middle of a revolution. It is a revolution without banners, guns or a guillotine. But it is still a revolution turning the world upside down and leading us to question established certainties. As with every revolution, we do not know yet if it will work out for the better or for the worse. Both outcomes are possible: it is possible that in an on-line world more people will have access to knowledge, to innovative ideas and to global prosperity; that we will learn to understand one another better and to make ourselves understood better.

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  • CDD Calls for Cross-Platform Safeguards to Protect Children and Adolescents

    By: Staff | Jan 25 2016

    Last February, Google launched its YouTube Kids (YTK) app in the U.S., which it described as a “safe” environment for children five and younger. The app enables children to access a wide range of video content on their mobile devices. But in creating YTK, Google ignored the need to incorporate programming and advertising safeguards for children, which have long been required of U.S. television providers (both broadcast and cable).

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  • Programmatic Guaranteed: Now available to advertisers, publishers globally

    By: Staff | Jan 22 2016

    Six months ago at the US DoubleClick Leadership Summit, we announced the start of testing for Programmatic Guaranteed, a new way to use programmatic pipes to execute direct deals. In this time, over 300 advertisers and 200 publishers have tested this capability, and we’ve seen impression volumes double every quarter.

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  • Empowering Brands & Agencies To Identify And Engage With Relevant Social Influencers

    By: Staff | Jan 20 2016

    Find Influencers With Your Content. 


    Upload or Link to any piece of content.

    Your latest blog or that killer white paper you just wrote.

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  • Wiland Digital Solutions

    By: Staff | Jan 18 2016

    Every day, consumer audiences engage a vast array of digital media as they spend an increasing amount of time online, particularly on mobile devices. To reach them with targeted messages and compelling offers requires the perfect fusion of proven direct marketing principles with best-of-breed ad technology.

    It requires Wiland Digital Solutions™.

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  • YouTube's CES Keynote: 4 Reasons Why Digital Video Will Win the Decade

    By: Staff | Jan 13 2016

    Robert Kyncl, the Chief Business Officer at YouTube, gave a keynote speech at CES 2016 yesterday. Video marketers will want to make the time to watch all 57 minutes and 36 seconds of “Robert Kyncl, YouTube - Keynote 2016,” which was uploaded to the CES channel today.

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  • Cultivate Relationships That Grow ROI

    By: Staff | Jan 11 2016

    topinfluence photo

    Every day, TapFusion enables brands and agencies to reach billions of consumers with scalable, influencer-driven content.

    topinfluence image 2

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  • Oracle Buys AddThis: Strengthens Oracle's Data as a Service Offering

    By: Staff | Jan 8 2016

    The AddThis Audience Intelligence (Ai) platform combines big data, machine learning and deep ecosystem connections into tools that help you stay ahead.

    Our Products Are Built to Help You Optimize Your Marketing Outcomes:


    See inside custom audiences to reveal content engagement habits, geographic distinctions and brand adjacencies.


    Find your most relevant audiences – quickly, and at scale.


    Deepen audience relationships with relevant calls to action on your own site.

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  • Rubicon Project Deploys MapR for Mission Critical Real-time Advertising Platform

    By: Staff | Jan 6 2016

    Rubicon Project offers real-time trading technology that automates the selling and buying of online advertisements. Rubicon Project’s automated advertising platform has surpassed Google in U.S. audience reach and is used by more than 500 of the world’s premium publishers to transact with over 100,000 ad brands globally. The company’s customers include eBay, TIME, ABC News, the Wall Street Journal, Tribune Company, Virgin Media, People, Universal and many other Fortune 500 companies. 

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  • Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP)

    By: Staff | Jan 4 2016

    Use of any third party to serve content (including creative assets, pixels, and cookies) inside of an advertisement is restricted to certified technologies.

    Requests for third-parties that are not already certified must be submitted for certification to Amazon at least 30 days in advance of the applicable campaign.

    See the “Amazon Pixeling Policy” section below for cookie and pixel restrictions. Failure to comply with any of these restrictions will result in the ad/campaign being rejected.

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  • Priming Across Screens: The Cross-channel Impact of Mobile and TV

    By: Staff | Dec 30 2015

    From our living rooms to the palm of our hands, screens big and small are giving us the flexibility to access content whenever and wherever we want. While this 24/7 access appeals to consumers, it has complicated campaign planning for advertisers. People can now see the same brand ad on different screens and at multiple times on any given day, whether they are on their mobile phone or watching their favorite TV show.

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  • Acxiom Buys Allant's Advanced-Ad Business

    By: Staff | Dec 28 2015

    Solving Critical Problems for Both Advertisers and Marketers:

    Marketing / IT


    1. Acquisition, Retention, & Growth 
    2. Poor Marketing Measurement
    3. Lack of Online/Offlne Integration, Channel Efficiency


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  • Proteus evaluates over a billion audience interactions every day

    By: Staff | Dec 23 2015

    The Exchange Lab works with brands and agencies to plan and execute the most effective, strategic digital advertising campaigns. We provide a brand safe environment that adheres to all of the industry codes of conduct, offering campaign transparency and viewability metrics.

    But that’s not all. Every campaign is unique so we tailor our solutions to your marketing objectives.

    Build Brand AwarenessFocusing on audience first, we connect brands with their consumers in the right place, at the right time, across devices.

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  • New MMA White Paper Reveals How Top Brands in Retail, Restaurants and Non-Profits Are Using Location Data for More Effective Audience Targeting

    By: Staff | Dec 21 2015

    New York – February 26, 2015 – Major brands are now using location data for purposes beyond targeting consumers at a particular moment in time. Marketers are leveraging location data to build much more comprehensive audience segments, which can be used to target consumers in a wide array of mobile campaign scenarios.
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  • Your Cross-Device Guide to the Year’s Biggest Shopping Weekend

    By: Staff | Dec 18 2015

    See how mobile helped make the Black Friday–Cyber Monday weekend a success. Learn how Atlas’ people-based measurement provides a clearer understanding of online shopping over the holidays.

    atlas infographic


    Infographic available for download at http://bit.ly/1OcdvCv

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  • Connexity: Connecting brands to audiences

    By: Staff | Dec 16 2015

    You are what you buy—Shopping data is a window into consumers’ lives. Their browsing patterns and purchases reveal their tastes, lifestyle, and aspirations.

    We track over 1 billion retail shopping points each month. This data is the foundation of our audience activation platform which enables brands to quickly connect with receptive audiences.

    Our unique combination of experience, data, and technology drives results.

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  • The Great Data Race

    By: Staff | Dec 14 2015

    A data race is taking place in the media and advertising industry. New technology and the ability to gather and analyse large volumes of data are changing the ways in which advertisers reach consumers. Consumers were once split into demographic groups, which were targeted via mass media. Today we are bought and sold one by one on global ad exchanges.

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  • Maker Studios

    By: Staff | Dec 9 2015

    Maker Studios is seeking an Influencer Coordinator to support the Maker Social team.  This person will be responsible for working directly with influencers and brands and must have strong communication and attention to detail.  The ideal candidate will be well versed in social media and have a strong interest in fashion and fitness

    Job Posting Title

    1.   Social Influencer Coordinator

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  • Merkle: Get People Based with One Solution

    By: Staff | Dec 7 2015

    MerkleONE is Individual

    We apply our proprietary person-based identity-management technology to your customer data, combined with Merkle’s industry-leading third-party data. By assigning a unique identifier to each individual, you’re able to support integrated marketing decisions throughout the customer journey — across platforms and devices, even offline to online. The patterns that emerge inform a connected experience supported by the effective delivery of relevant content in the right context.

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  • The Era of Programmatic Creative

    By: Staff | Dec 4 2015

    Engaging consumers in the era of programmatic creative relies on data and automated technology. In this piece, Jamie Evans-Parker, CEO and founder of wayve, (pictured below) suggests how marketers can create the perfect mixture.

    Nearly a decade has passed since programmatic emerged onto the digital advertising scene, revolutionising targeting capability and efficiency by automating ad trading. Although initial uptake was slow, marketers are now readily embracing the technology – its portion of ad spend will exceed £2bn next year in the UK alone.

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