• Will VR be a slam dunk for NBA and Mountain Dew?

    By: Staff | Mar 17 2016

    Here’s how Mountain Dew is modernizing the game by bringing in never-before-seen, culturally-relevant programs for game go-ers:

    Court Vision: An Interactive Virtual Reality Art Experience

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  • Snapchat Ads

    By: Staff | Mar 14 2016

    Snapchat is the best way to reach 13 to 34 year-olds. More than 60% of U.S.13 to 34 year-old smartphone users are Snapchatters. Over 100 Million daily active Snapchatters and growing.

    Why 13 to 34 Year-Olds Love Snapchat:

    Get Perspective

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  • In Buying Visible World, Comcast Exerts More Influence On The Demand Side

    By: Staff | Mar 10 2016

    Comcast’s plan to acquire Visible World, announced late Thursday, will deepen its addressable TV prowess, but the real target might be Visible World subsidiary AudienceXpress and its burgeoning buy-side dealings. 

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  • Placed Partners

    By: Staff | Mar 7 2016

    By leveraging the world’s largest location panel, billions of directly measured locations, and patent-pending statistical models, Placed is able to turn complex location data into actionable insights for their clients.

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  • Turner Takes Next Step to Re-Imagining Advertising with Turner Ignite

    By: Staff | Mar 4 2016

    Turner Ad Sales is returning to the CES this week as part of an ongoing approach to collaborate with clients and agencies through ideation-fueled discussions.

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  • iHeartMedia Taps Unified to Develop Data, Analytics and Targeting Products That Will Combine The Power of Digital Targeting With The Scale and Impact of Broadcast Media

    By: Staff | Mar 2 2016

    NEW YORK - June 11, 2015 -- iHeartMedia, the leading media company in America with a greater reach in the U.S. than any other radio or television outlet, and Unified, an award-winning marketing technology company, today announced a powerful new data-driven partnership that delivers unprecedented insights to advertisers across iHeartMedia’s portfolio of radio, digital, mobile, live events, social and on-demand entertainment and information services.

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  • Opera Asa Receives Acquisition Offer From Chinese Consortium of Companies

    By: Staff | Feb 29 2016

    February 10, 2016 - Today, Opera Mediaworks’ parent company Opera ASA announced that a consortium of Chinese Internet companies has made a public offer to buy all the shares of Opera Software. The consortium is made up of Qihoo 360 Software (a security and browser company) and Kunlun (a mobile app and games company), as well as two investment funds, Golden Brick Capital and a Chinese government Fund.

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  • comScore Announces Its Bid Ratings™ Solution is Now Live in Eight Industry-Leading Programmatic Buying Platforms

    By: Staff | Feb 24 2016

    RESTON, VA, October 29, 2015 – Today, comScore, Inc.

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  • Refuel Agency Finds that Over Half of Gen Z Teens Are Texting or Playing Mobile Games While at School

    By: Staff | Feb 22 2016

    (NEW YORK, NY) Dec 3, 2015 – Today, Refuel Agency, a leader in Youth, Military and Multicultural marketing and media placement, has released findings from its new Gen Z Teen Digital Explorer survey. The survey explores topics such as digital usage, tech ownership, purchasing habits, media perceptions and more.

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  • Intersection Media Looking to Hire an Account Executive

    By: Staff | Feb 19 2016

    Intersection Media (“Titan”) is a full service media company specializing in ‘People in Transit' advertising. We are the leader in transit advertising in North America, providing sales, marketing, creative, research and maintenance of inventive outdoor advertising campaigns on bus, rail, street furniture, telephone kiosks, street banners and in airports. Intersection Media (“Titan”) also leads the way in the development and successful introduction of market leading digital and mobile platforms.  

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  • Viacom and Canvs Partner to Decode Complex Millennial Language in Marketing Campaigns for the First Time Ever

    By: Staff | Feb 17 2016

    NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Viacom Velocity, Viacom's (NASDAQ: VIAB, VIA) integrated marketing and creative content team, today announced a partnership with Canvs, the technology platform that measures and interprets emotionality in language.

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  • Merkle Acquires dbg, a UK-based Marketing Solutions Agency

    By: Staff | Feb 15 2016

    Columbia, MD - Merkle (merkleinc.com), a leading technology-enabled, data-driven performance marketing agency, announced its acquisition of dbg (dbg.co.uk); a UK-based, independent marketing solutions agency that specializes in optimizing client data to make compelling connections to drive growth and improve marketing and business performance.

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  • Mobile App and Cross-Screen Retargeting

    By: Staff | Feb 12 2016

    ActionX is the leader in mobile app and cross-screen retargeting. We work with the biggest transactional brands to drive cross-screen revenue and maximize lifetime value.    

    How Mobile App and Cross-Screen Retargeting Works: 

    Automatic, deep segmentationbased on your users’ activity—down to the product level.

    Dynamic creative with messaging tailored to each user, designed to drive significant RoAS lift.

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  • Turn - Partner Ecosystem

    By: Staff | Feb 10 2016

    Platform Partners are completely integrated with the Turn platform and provide a range of technologies including data, inventory, CRM on-boarding, cross-device, search and more. With a simple click from the Turn dashboard, these technologies can enhance your marketing campaigns.

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  • Rocket Fuel Leads Programmatic Industry beyond 1:1 Marketing with “Marketing in the Moment” to Improve Performance and Reduce Wasted Spend

    By: Staff | Feb 8 2016

    Redwood City, Calif., Sept. 16, 2015 – Rocket Fuel (NASDAQ: FUEL), the leading Programmatic Marketing Platform provider with Moment Scoring™ technology, today introduced its “Marketing in the Moment” approach to move marketers beyond one-to-one marketing and deliver higher performing marketing campaigns at the precise moment of influence. 

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  • Google Marketing Harnesses Programmatic to Maximize Digital Campaigns

    By: Staff | Feb 5 2016

    Torsten Schuppe, Graham Bednash and Emily Sears from Google Marketing talk candidly about how Google uses programmatic in its digital campaigns, and the three key things that advertisers can learn from their experience.

    "Our core goal as marketers is to create communications that matter to our audience and add value to their everyday lives. Programmatic technology is enabling us to do that better than we ever have done before."  -Emily Sears, Head of Digital, Google Media Lab EMEA

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  • Cross-Device Exit: Telenor Acquires Tapad For $360 Million

    By: Staff | Feb 1 2016

    Telcos continue to be big ad tech acquirers.

    Norwegian mobile carrier Telenor on Monday snapped up cross-device company Tapad for $360 million. Tapad is one of the two largest cross-device vendors in the space; Drawbridge is the other.

    It’s a move somewhat reminiscent of the AOL/Verizon deal, but with more global scale, said Tapad CEO and co-founder Are Traasdahl, who also is from Norway.

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  • EU Parliament President on Technological Totalitarianism, Politics and Democracy

    By: Staff | Jan 29 2016

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we are living in the middle of a revolution. It is a revolution without banners, guns or a guillotine. But it is still a revolution turning the world upside down and leading us to question established certainties. As with every revolution, we do not know yet if it will work out for the better or for the worse. Both outcomes are possible: it is possible that in an on-line world more people will have access to knowledge, to innovative ideas and to global prosperity; that we will learn to understand one another better and to make ourselves understood better.

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  • CDD Calls for Cross-Platform Safeguards to Protect Children and Adolescents

    By: Staff | Jan 25 2016

    Last February, Google launched its YouTube Kids (YTK) app in the U.S., which it described as a “safe” environment for children five and younger. The app enables children to access a wide range of video content on their mobile devices. But in creating YTK, Google ignored the need to incorporate programming and advertising safeguards for children, which have long been required of U.S. television providers (both broadcast and cable).

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