• Introducing Roku Audience Solutions

    By: Staff | Apr 25 2016

    The Roku platform now natively integrates advertising capabilities that combine the best of both digital and TV advertising. We call it "Roku Audience Solutions". It enables Roku channel partners to deliver more effective advertising to their audience. And, it creates new opportunities for brands to connect with next-generation TV viewers.

    TV, Meet Digital

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  • AT&T, Videology Ink Programmatic TV Ad Pact

    By: Staff | Apr 22 2016

    Establishing a key foothold in the world of programmatic TV, AT&T said it has launched a automated, self-service private marketplace for linear TV advertising in partnership with Videology.

    AT&T announced VIP Thursday at the Videology “Full Frontal” Upfront event.

    AT&T’s data-driven, programmatic system, called the Video Inventory Platform (VIP), will work off a web-based interface that aims to simplify targeting and planning for TV advertisers and ad agencies.

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  • Recognizing Audiences in the Murky Marketing Ecosystem

    By: Staff | Apr 20 2016

    How the Integration of Marketing Channels Enables Consistent Consumer Recognition for Cross-Channel Advertising:  

    In this, the second of our MoneyAds Mentor Series, we look at how modern advertisers strive to create connected experiences for consumers and foster trust, all in (near) real time. Recognition – recognizing consumers across channels, offline or online – is the foundation for this, and it all begins with connected data to drive connected experiences when and where your audience is most receptive.

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  • Ensure Audience Satisfaction and Improve Advertising Efficiency

    By: Staff | Apr 18 2016

    It’s no secret that information is consumed differently – through new channels and outlets – with viewers demanding personally relevant content the instant they want it. Catching a customer’s attention is more difficult than ever before, and standing out in this new environment is a constant challenge.

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  • Cross-Device Targeting: Reaching More Customers in a Multiscreen World

    By: Staff | Apr 14 2016

    In August 2014, Facebook launched its cross-device targeting tool for digital ads, as reported by AdExchanger, which sent a clear signal that the social media giant is becoming accepted by marketers as a way to measure and reach Internet users across smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. Cross-device targeting occurs when a brand identifies a visitor to its website and subsequently serves an ad to that consumer when they are browsing elsewhere on another device.

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  • Expanding AOL's Premium Ad Formats to MSN and Mobile

    By: Staff | Apr 12 2016

    Renewed discussions about interruptive advertising and its residual effects (e.g. ad blocking) have elevated the need for the industry to rethink the relationship between ads and content.

    AOL’s focus has been to develop more premium advertising experiences and invest across a number of teams and technologies to deliver more beautiful, engaging and relevant advertising experiences, while lessening the load of ads on pages and streamlining the back-end technologies that enable these experiences.

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  • Time Warner Cable Media - Our Products

    By: Staff | Apr 11 2016

    Media is complex. Time Warner Cable Media makes it easier for you with the best resources across screens. The average American spends 60+ hours a week across all devices. 

    Your needs come first. Unlike some media partners who are pressured to sell their products, we are screen-agnostic. As the leading provider of full service local marketing solutions, we continually invest on your behalf.   

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  • Soutions - Verizon Digital Media Services

    By: Staff | Apr 8 2016

    The Verizon Digital Media Services platform — and the products built upon it — support three primary solutions: our Web AccelerationCommerce Acceleration and Video Lifecycle. Each solution is purpose-built to transform your content into world-class experiences.

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  • Rovi and Charter Sign Multi-Year License Renewal

    By: Staff | Apr 6 2016

    Santa Clara, Calif., April 20, 2015 — Rovi Corporation (NASDAQ: ROVI) today announced that Rovi has renewed its patent license and interactive program guide (IPG) product agreement with Charter Communications, Inc. The license renewal extends Charter’s IPG patent license. Under the terms of the agreement, Charter will also be able to license Rovi’s products and services, including Rovi Search, Recommendations and Conversation Services, Rovi Metadata and Rovi Analytics.

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  • Comcast Spotlight: Multi-Screen Advertising

    By: Staff | Apr 4 2016

    Today’s consumers live in digital homes, using Comcast’s technology to watch video on more screens all around the house—and on the go. Comcast Spotlight’s multi-screen advertising solutions combine the strengths of each screen customers use. Our expertise in reaching fragmented audiences lets us create custom campaigns with broader reach, more impressions and deeper engagement. 

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  • NBCUniversal to launch multi-channel targeted marketing division

    By: Staff | Apr 1 2016

    Comcast’s NBCUniversal is launching a new division, Audience Studio, designed to allow marketers to target audiences across TV, digital and social media marketing channels, the Wall Street Journal reported.

    The key component of Audience Studio is a data management platform that marketers can use to combine their first-party data with NBCU data and third-party data.

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  • Today’s FCC Action Will Force Open the “Black Box” of ISP Data Gathering Practices that Threaten Consumer Privacy

    By: Jeff Chester | Mar 31 2016

    Phone and cable ISPs pose a major threat to the privacy of their subscribers and consumers.  They have a growing arsenal of “Big Data” capabilities that eavesdrop on their customers—including families.  Internet Service Providers are gathering data on what we do and where we go, using sophisticated algorithms and predictive analytics to sell our information to marketers.  As CDD documented in a report released last week, ISPs have been on a data bu

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  • Why 2016 Is The Year of Addressability?

    By: Staff | Mar 30 2016

    The average TV viewer in the U.S. watches more than four hours of programming daily. And marketers spend $71 billion each year to reach them. The consumer has 100 times more places and ways to access their favorite TV content than just 10 years ago. With so much money on the line and massive viewer fragmentation, it only makes sense that advertisers are seeking ways to combine the data-driven targeting, automation and accountability of digital with the reach and influence of TV.

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  • Commerce Department Continues to Show Disregard for Consumer Privacy by “convening” industry dominated group on facial recognition without participation of consumer and privacy civil society groups

    By: Jeff Chester | Mar 29 2016

    Americans face new privacy threats from the use of their facial and other biometric information, as personal details of our physical selves are captured, analyzed and used for commercial purposes.  Facial recognition technologies are part of the ever-growing data collection and profiling being conduced daily on Americans today—whe

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  • Time Warner Cable is more than television, Internet, and telephone

    By: Staff | Mar 28 2016

    Time Warner Cable’s residential business is comprised of 14.5 million customers who make more than 17 million monthly visits to each of the company’s websites. Given the company’s size and scale, gaining insights into customer segments is a monumental task, while understanding individual customer behaviors and preferences added even greater challenges.

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  • Solutions for Marketers - Krux Next-Gen DMP

    By: Staff | Mar 25 2016

    Data-Driven Marketing Decoded: 

    As a digital marketer, you know that your customers and prospects are moving targets. People constantly investigate, consider, start and stop transactions; and they change their minds at web velocity across a dizzying array of platforms, channels and devices.

    krux image

    Unify your data silos

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  • Audience Express Case Study

    By: Staff | Mar 23 2016

    The Challenge: Finding Low Income Renters on TV

    A national company specializing in personal loans approached AudienceXpress seeking a television buy for the first time.

    In coming to AudienceXpress, the Client hoped to reach low income households with a low budget and the cheapest possible CPM. 

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  • CDD Statement on FTC Commissioner Julie Brill

    By: Jeff Chester | Mar 22 2016

    Julie Brill faces a formidable task as she tries to balance what she knows are industry-wide practices that undermine privacy with the intense commercial pressures to financially harvest our data.  Whether Julie can successfully act as a one woman privacy truth squad is to early to tell.  She recognizes all the ways that companies take advantage of consumers today, including tracking them on every device and wherever they are.

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  • AT&T AdWorks Launches Cross-Screen Addressable Advertising Trial

    By: Staff | Mar 21 2016

    AT&T AdWorks is trialing the ability to offer an integrated addressable advertising2 campaign across TV and mobile devices. This trial will let advertisers reach the same consumers with the same message across multiple screens and is powered by AT&T AdWorks, the leader in addressable TV advertising, and Opera Mediaworks, one of the largest mobile ad platforms in the world.

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  • AT&T Hosts Nationwide 'Addressable Upfronts'

    By: Staff | Mar 18 2016

    AT&T AdWorks says it will host the industry’s first “Addressable Upfronts” beginning in April. 

    The company says there will be more than 100 events customized for specific advertisers across the country -- helping marketers learn how to best use addressable advertising in reaching targeted audiences.

    The company said it would show off its linear addressable TV efforts and and cross-screen addressable opportunities.

    AT&T’s DirecTV and U-Verse TV platforms have 26 million and 6 million homes pay TV homes, respectively.

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