What if there wasn't COPPA (the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act)?  What we uncovered about how candy company Topps targets kids using social media would be the norm.  Marketers would be treating even very young children as they do once someone turns 13 in this country.  At thirteen, your privacy protection ends, and you are subjected to a myriad of data-driven practices that undermine your privacy and make you vulnerable to the interests of financial, health, retail and other powerful marketers and databrokers.  Without COPPA, kids would be treated like everyone else--tracked, prof

The President understands what's at stake for Americans if the country allows the phone and cable industry to successfully control the online medium.  His support for Title II regulation stands as a key acheivement of his Administration.  The goal of the cable and phone lobby has always been to extend into the Internet world the same domination they have enjoyed providing phone and TV service.  Hopefully, FCC Chair Tom Wheeler, a former cable and telecom industry lobbyis