• Target Activate Audiences via Dish, DirecTV, Comcast and Cablevision Networks

    By: Staff | Jul 22 2016

    Ensighten Activate Data Distribution with LiveRamp  

    Distribute audience segments from Ensighten Activate to 100+ marketing applications and networks
    The Problem: Brands are unable to use omni-channe
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  • Cablevision Media Sales | Digital Addressable

    By: Staff | Jul 20 2016

    Digital Addressable allows you to target and reach your customers on all the digital screens they’re using in the home—computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile—with over 99% accuracy. Advertise among thousands of internet publishers spanning various categories like news, sports, entertainment, food, lifestyle, and gaming, ensuring you connect with the people you want to reach.

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  • Precision Market Insights from Verizon

    By: Staff | Jul 18 2016

    Precision Market Insights from Verizon provides brands and agencies with addressable, cross screen advertising solutions and actionable insights based on consumer behavior in mobile. The Precision solutions use the PrecisionID™, an anonymous unique device identifier, which can be used to reach the right audiences through demographic, interest and geographic targeting. Privacy-safe and accurate, the PrecisionID powers impactful, data-driven marketing at scale, enabling brands to:

    1. Accurately reach and engage precise target audiences at scale

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  • PlaceIQ Data Now Available Through Oracle Data Cloud's BlueKai Marketplace

    By: Staff | Jul 15 2016

    PlaceIQ, the company building a new model of consumer behavior by connecting physical and digital activities across time, space, and mobile devices, today announced an integration making PlaceIQ audience data available through Oracle Data Cloud's BlueKai Marketplace. 

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  • TiVo Research | Products & Services

    By: Staff | Jul 13 2016

    We know if your advertising worked. Do you? 

    Both our syndicated and custom solutions provide the most accurate single-source data available. We match viewing data from 2.3 million US households anonymously, at a 1:1 level to purchase data, online behavior, healthcare claims and custom client data.

    TiVo Research provides real single-source data you can trust. No modeling. No fusion. No tricks. Just results.

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  • Partner Studio by AOL Celebrates Its 1-Year Anniversary and Launches Massive Expansion

    By: Staff | Jul 11 2016

    Mary Gail Pezzimenti, Vice President of Content Creation, AOL 

    "I’m excited to announce that we’ve eclipsed our 1-year anniversary of our award-winning Partner Studio by AOL and share with you the momentum we’ve achieved so far and the direction we’re taking the team into for its second year. 

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  • AT&T AdWorks A Leader in Audience Targeted Advertising

    By: Staff | Jul 8 2016

    With AT&T AdWorks, advertisers can reach their target audiences and measure the response to ads on several screens. That means we glean insights on ads customers see on TVs, smartphones, and tablets. We offer the largest base of addressable TV advertising. We can also reach those same audiences online and over their mobile devices.

    The AT&T AdWorks product suite includes: Addressable TV Advertising, TV Blueprint, AddressablePlus, Interactive TV and Premium Digital Video Advertising (including Otter Media properties). 

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  • Leading Privacy Scholars Support FCC Privacy Proposal for Broadband ISPs

    By: Jeff Chester | Jul 7 2016

    We the undersigned privacy scholars support the proposal of the Federal Communications Commission to apply and adapt the Communications Act’s Title II consumer protection provisions to broadband internet access services. We commend the Commission’s much-needed efforts to carry out its statutory obligation and to protect the privacy of broadband internet access customers.

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  • Comcast Powers the Most Screens. Period.

    By: Staff | Jul 1 2016

    As the nation's largest cable service provider and it's largest internet service provider, we are in a unique position to provide both the data and the distribution to reach your target audience with otherwise unavailable granularity and proprietary access. As such, XFINITY.com is the foundation for authenticated targeting with proprietary 1st party data. It's the home base for a select audience of elusive premium cable/internet subscribers, who by definition have disposable income, value quality services, and loyally spend time with media via our platforms.

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  • TV 2020: Clear Vision of the Future of TV Advertising

    By: Staff | Jun 29 2016

    From apps to OTT to mobile devices, new advances in technology and content delivery have blurred the delineation between TV and digital video. TV is beginning to embrace and gain access to what has traditionally made digital so powerful – the application of precise data segmenting and measurement. TV buyers can now apply massive data sets to their strategy, understanding much more about a consumer than the traditional “age and gender” demographics.

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  • Comcast leverages Adobe Primetime to streamline distribution and monetization of pay-TV service to millions of subscribers across desktops and devices

    By: Staff | Jun 27 2016

    Every day, millions of Americans use Comcast to enjoy their favorite TV shows, surf the web, or connect with family and friends. Comcast is the largest mass media and communications company in the world, with 23 million cable subscribers. As the number of screens in a typical household grows, customers are increasingly interested in carrying their entertainment with them and watching television shows whenever and wherever they want.

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  • Comcast Spotlight: Research | Advertising Analytics

    By: Staff | Jun 24 2016

    Comcast Spotlight invests millions of dollars in research to help businesses identify and reach audiences based on demographic, psychographic and geographic data. 


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  • AT&T Big Data Targeting You

    By: Staff | Jun 20 2016

    Slides from last week's webinar.

    tune image 1

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  • Connect with an Individual Customer Across All Channels & Devices

    By: Staff | Jun 17 2016

    Today, most customers move between devices and channels with great fluidity. Customers may research a product on their mobile device, but go and complete a purchase on their desktop computer. According to research from CMO Club, 85% of marketers say their biggest challenge to providing seamless cross-channel marketing is customer data that is unavailable or spread across multiple sources.
    The Oracle ID Graph helps marketers connect identities across disparate marketing channels and devices to one customer.
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  • Consumer, Privacy Groups decry failure to protect consumer facial and biometric privacy by Commerce Department and industry lobbyists

    By: Jeff Chester | Jun 15 2016

    Alvaro Bedoya, Center for Digital Democracy,  Common Sense Kids Action, Consumer Action, Consumer Federation of America, Consumer Watchdog, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, and U.S. PIRG

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  • 'A different ballgame': AOL dishes on plans for Verizon's and Microsoft's data

    By: Staff | Jun 15 2016

    AOL is assimilating Verizon’s and Microsoft’s most valuable consumer data by the end of the year to give marketers more advanced targeting potential to up to 500 million users, according to AOL Platform’s CTO Seth Demsey.

    The newly formed advertising triumvirate of Verizon, AOL and Microsoft will be built on a foundation of data that many think could be a viable third option behind Facebook and Google in terms of reach and targeting potential.

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  • SintecMedia Partners with Visible World to Extend Programmatic TV and Grow OnBoard Platform

    By: Staff | Jun 13 2016

    New York – May 16, 2016 – SintecMedia today announced that OnBoard, the industry leading programmatic platform, will be fully integrated with HighYield, a programmatic tech ad platform from Visible World, a Comcast Platform Services company.

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  • AT&T: See databrokers they use in attached doc. "Best Practices"

    By: Staff | Jun 10 2016

    Addressable TV was launched in 2012 by DIRECTV. Multi Video Program Distributors (MVPDs), such as DIRECTV, are currently the only entities offering true Addressable TV due to required access of both the video distribution system and data center. MVPDs offer Addressable TV in the ad breaks they receive from program networks, such as ESPN and CNN, as part of their carriage agreements.

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  • AT&T: Deliver targeted messaging at every turn

    By: Staff | Jun 7 2016

    AT&T AdWorks provides an intelligent feedback loop helping you quickly recognize, measure, and evaluate a customer’s needs as they journey from prospect to buyer down the sales funnel.

    From top-level activities such as driving brand awareness and measuring brand health, to mid-funnel activities like reaching viewers on multiple forms of media, AT&T AdWorks can help you engage and interact with your customers at each stage – transitioning them closer to purchase. 

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