• Unruly Taps IBM Watson To Improve Accuracy of Online Marketing Campaigns

    By: Staff | Jan 2 2017

    British ad tech company Unruly has turned to IBM Watson to create a new cognitive powered psychographic targeting tool to increase the effectiveness of digital video ads. Unruly DNA combines the company’s emotional intelligence tools with IBM Watson’s machine learning capabilities to help identify and engage the people most likely to increase a brand’s sales.

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  • Big Data gets Bigger to Track Your Every Move, Program, and Music

    By: Staff | Dec 22 2016

    Nielsen announced it has entered into an agreement with Tribune Media Company to purchase Gracenote, the industry’s premier provider of media and entertainment metadata. With this transaction, Nielsen will acquire the data and technology that underpins the programming guides and personalized user experience for major video, music, audio and sports content.

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  • Salesforce Big Data Gets Bigger As It Acquires Targeting Powerhouse Krux

    By: Staff | Dec 19 2016

    The Krux platform helps marketersmedia companies, and agencies put data to work to orchestrate breakthrough brand experiences, deepen consumer engagement, and drive business results. 

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  • Nielsen Marketing Cloud Grows Its Global Footprint

    By: Staff | Dec 12 2016

    On June 20, 2016, Nielsen today launched its Nielsen Marketing Cloud in Europe, enabling regional and global clients to dramatically improve marketing outcomes and reduce media waste across multiple platforms. The Nielsen Marketing Cloud delivers unrivaled consumer data and analytics only Nielsen can provide in addition to a full-suite of first-party data management, cross-platform media planning, marketing activation and real-time campaign analytics applications.

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  • Big Data, Mobile Marketing, Online Payments via Chase Bank pushing Fast Food

    By: Staff | Dec 9 2016

    Starting today, Chase customers can use the Chase Pay® app to order ahead and pay at participating quick-service restaurants. 

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  • AI / Cognitive Computing Comes to Marketing

    By: Staff | Dec 7 2016

    Artificial intelligence isn’t just for science fiction films anymore—it’s a real tool for marketers and advertisers across industries. From natural language processing to social data parsing, cognitive solutions can solve some challenges that brands could not previously tackle. Nish Parekh, program director of IBM Watson client services, spoke to eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about how the company’s Watson technology is strengthening marketers’ decision-making capabilities. 

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  • Internet-Connected Toys Are Spying on Kids, Threatening Their Privacy + Security

    By: Staff | Dec 6 2016

    WASHINGTON, DC – December 6, 2016 – The growing popularity of “smart” Internet-connected toys poses significant privacy, security, and other risks to children, according to a complaint filed today(link is external) by leading child advocacy, consumer, and privacy groups at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

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  • Pokémon Go Geolocation Data Targeting Moves into Wearables

    By: Staff | Nov 29 2016

    What next for Pokémon Go? 

    With a move into wearable tech, in-game events and global expansion on the cards, Pokémon Go is devising new opportunities for brands to connect with its 20 million plus daily users.

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  • AT&T Expands Digital Data Targeting of Consumers/Subscriber

    By: Staff | Nov 23 2016

    invidi image add

    AT&T, DISH Network L.L.C., a wholly-owned subsidiary of DISH Network Corporation, and WPP have announced plans to acquire INVIDI Technologies, a leader in providing addressable advertising platforms. INVIDI will continue operating independently under the three companies’ collective ownership, and each company will name representatives to INVIDI’s board of directors. AT&T will hold a controlling interest in the venture.

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  • Giant Phone + Cable ISPs ramping up “Big Data” Surveillance on Consumers

    By: Staff | Nov 21 2016

    As the largest communications company in the world, more than 120 million customers count on us every day to deliver the wireless, Internet, data and advertising services that fuel their businesses and connect them to their world. You will find yourself connecting communications and technology with opportunities that will take you to places you never imagined. 

    AT&T is currently seeking a Director Advanced Analytics who is a strong leader with the requisite experience and expertise in Big Data analytics solutions.

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  • How Hispanic Consumers Engage With YouTube

    By: Staff | Nov 16 2016

    As the largest minority in the United States, Hispanics are a powerful audience. Traditionally, advertisers have reached these consumers via TV networks: In 2014, 75.9% of advertisers’ budgets went to TV ads, while only 7% was dedicated to digital. But more Hispanics watch YouTube than any cable network in the U.S. And, when they want to watch videos that help them stay connected to their Hispanic culture, they also turn to mobile. Here is new data on this audience’s online video viewing behavior.

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  • So-Called “affinity” Marketing is Really Racial and Ethnic Profiling and Targeting Used by Facebook, Google and Many Others

    By: Staff | Nov 14 2016

    Facebook has developed a solution to reach the US Hispanic Affinity Audience: the most mobile and socially active group in the U.S., in the language of their preference.

    martinez dragged

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  • AT&T Advances Cross-Device Tracking and Targeting, Including Our Mobile Use, As It Prepares to Acquire Time Warner

    By: Staff | Nov 7 2016

    Being able to cap the frequency of ad delivery across multiple screens is a big desire among advertisers. It’s also why AT&T’s DIRECTV-U-verse-AT&T Wireless cross-screen addressable offering is “very intriguing,” according to Jonathan Bokor, SVP, Director of Advanced Media at Mediavest | Spark.

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  • As AI & Cognitive Computing Fuels Digital Marketing via Influencers, New Risk to Consumer Privacy

    By: Staff | Nov 4 2016

    Driving deeper connections with key audiences is the holy grail of marketing. With the boom of social media, this task has become even more complex for marketers striving to make sense of tweets, snaps, stories and likes. Today, Influential, a Data First influencer marketing platform and IBM Watson developer partner, has announced a partnership with Condé Nast to implement its Watson-enabled platform.

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  • AT&T teams up with Dish to bring Big Data Election Targeting, Raising Competition & Privacy Concerns

    By: Staff | Nov 2 2016

    D2 Media Sales is a joint venture between DIRECTV and DISH, and was founded in 2014 to create a scalable household addressable TV platform for political advertisers. Addressable TV advertising enables us to deliver a TV ad, in a privacy compliant manner, to the individual households of a select demographic or voter segment. We ensure the ad is seen regardless of programming or time of day, both in live or playback modes, by your exact target audience.

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  • Americans Win Significant Broadband Privacy Rights in Historic FCC Decision

    By: Jeff Chester | Oct 27 2016

    Statement of Jeff Chester, executive director, Center for Digital Democracy

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  • Time Warner's "Big Data" Cloud"--what they bring to AT&T Deal

    By: Staff | Oct 25 2016

    Turner Broadcasting is partnering with Epsilon, Krux and Oracle to enable advertisers and their agencies to connect to the Turner Data Cloud (TDC), the company’s advanced data management platform (DMP) originally announced at the company’s Upfront last month.

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  • Need to Know 1084

    By: Staff | Oct 23 2016

    excerpt from recent interview with Rick Welday, president of AT&T AdWorks, 13 October 2016.

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  • CDD Statement on AT&T/Time Warner Deal

    By: Jeff Chester | Oct 22 2016

    This proposed deal raises major challenges for consumers, subscribers and competitors.  It reflects the “Big Data” and digitally data-driven imperatives that are reshaping the U.S.

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  • Need to Know 1082

    By: Staff | Oct 22 2016

    Turner Broadcasting [Time Warner] is partnering with Epsilon, Krux and Oracle to enable advertisers and their agencies to connect to the Turner Data Cloud (TDC), the company’s advanced data management platform (DMP) originally announced at the company’s Upfront last month.

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