Simultaneous ad targeting while you watch TV and also on mobile devices begins [Big Data Watch]

By: Jeff Chester | May 30 2014

Marketers are now sending the same or related ads to our mobile phones and tablets as we also view television.  Aware of the growth of so-called "cross-platform" behavior, where we consume video and other content across multiple screens often at the same time, advertisers and media companies don't want our eyes, mind or buying fingers to stray away from the commercial (or political) message.  The growth of persistent cross-device i

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Databrokers says that "all [consumer] information must be linked," inc. offline and online. Business model at odds with privacy

By: Jeff Chester | May 29 2014

The recent FTC databroker report was a important review of contemporary data collection practices.  The dominant paradigm is to collect and merge every bit of our information, what the data company Merkle has defined as "connected recognition."  We are assessed, scored and our information then used in "actionable" ways--for targeting, influence-building or to ignore us as unworthy prospects.  It's the business model that is the problem, and which requires

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Alibaba IPO Raises Privacy, Consumer Protection, Environmental Sustainability and Civil Liberties Issues for China

By: Jeff Chester | May 8 2014

China and Southeast Asia are key targets for the digital marketing industry, given the huge numbers of mobile-connected and online youthful "consumers."  An array of interactive campaigns can be found in that region, promoting junk food, financial products, alcohol beverages and cars.  Bu

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