When will DoJ/FTC Put a Stop to Big Data Mergers? Deals keep coming, placing privacy & competition at risk

By: Jeff Chester | Aug 6 2014

We think both the DoJ and FTC are failing to seriously address the impact of growing consolidation in the digital data consumer targeting industry.  The latest deal came yesterday, when Rocket Fuel said it was acquiring X+1.  These transactions have serious consequences for consumers, in terms of their privacy, and also impact the competitiveness of the marketplace.  The antitrust agencies need to do a better job to understand the so-called "programmatic" marketplace--an on

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Time Warner's 2014 SEC report illustrates COPPA's positive impact protecting young people's privacy and empowering parents

By: Jeff Chester | Jul 30 2014

Time Warner (Cartoon Network) explains in its 2014 annual report for investors filed at the SEC:  “The Company’s businesses are subject to existing laws and regulations governing data privacy, data security and cybersecurity in the U.S. and internationally. For example, in the U.S., the Company is subject to: (1) U.S.

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TACD calls on FTC and Irish DPA to protect Facebook users privacy and "halt" its new global tracking tactic

By: Jeff Chester | Jul 29 2014

TACD calls on regulators to stop Facebook collecting web browsing data

July 29, 2014

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