Big Data Tracking & Targeting Coming to Live Nation Rock Concerts/" we can create unique, specific targets"

By: Jeff Chester | Sep 5 2014

Live Nation Entertainment is "the world's leading live entertainment company."  Like everyone else, it wants to use the data it gathers on its customers to target them online.  Although the company, in this interview, says this will be done in a privacy way, they should be required to publicly demonstrate the case.  This is something the FTC and other regulators should also review.  Here's the excerpt from the

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FTC's Settlement with Google Praised/Warns about Google's plans to further target kids online

By: Jeff Chester | Sep 4 2014

Statement of Hudson Kingston, CDD Legal Director:

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Google's plans to target kids with marketing and ads/Strong safeguards required/Must demonstrate corp. responsibility

By: Jeff Chester | Aug 20 2014

Whether a scoop or a purposeful leak to the The Information online news site in order to gauge political reaction, Google's plans to begin micro-targeting children 12 and younger is a critical public policy and child welfare issue.  As the leading digital

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